Welcome to Geneva School of Boerne’s admission information section.  This section contains important information about the admission process. The goal of Geneva School’s admissions process is to bring together a cohesive student body which is supportive of our school mission and which can grow together spiritually, intellectually and physically. Due to the magnitude and importance of its task, the Admission Committee’s independence and integrity are guarded. The committee looks for:

  1. Families who share beliefs and goals similar to those identified in the school’s statement of faith and philosophy of education.
  2. Families and students who have abilities, talents and time to assist the school in fulfilling its mission.
  3. Students who are academically compatible with the population of Geneva School students he or she will join.

The school hosts Open Houses to allow interested parents and students to visit classes and learn more about the school’s history, beliefs and philosophy of education.

The Steps to Admissions page gives detailed information about the process including online application, testing and interviews.

The Online Application for admission includes forms that must be completed by parents, current teachers, principal/headmaster, as well as the student (if entering grade 6 or above). In addition to completing the necessary forms, students at all grade levels must be tested and students applying to grades 4 or above have a personal interview with a Headmaster.  The final step in the process is a personal interview for parents with members of the school’s Admission Committee.

Our Admission Director, Ellen Yarbrough, is available to answer questions you may have.  You may contact her by email (simply click on her name above) or by phone (830-755-6101, ext. 203).

Thank you for your interest in the Geneva School of Boerne.

The Geneva School of Boerne does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, nationality, disability or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational, admission, tuition assistance, financial aid, or employment policies, or any other programs administered by the school. The school reserves the right to use religion as a hiring and admissions criterion for all positions, due to the mission and nature of our school as a Christian faith-based institution, as permitted by law.