Tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition for 2017-2018

Grammar School (grades K-5)         $10,335
Logic School (grades 6-8)                $10,685
Rhetoric School (grade 9-12)           $11,235

Tuition fees cover the cost of the educational program.  This includes all books, most supplies and most field trips.  Tuition does not cover the school uniform, hot lunch, a yearbook,  a graphing calculator required beginning in 8th grade, the week long 8th grade trip to Washington D.C.*, the optional Junior (11th Grade) Trip to Europe* or athletics participation for students in 7th grade or higher.

*The school works with parents to help raise funds to cover a portion of the cost of the 8th grade trip as well as the optional Rhetoric School Trip to Europe.

To learn about the school’s financial condition, please read the Statement on Financial Philosophy and Health.

Payment Schedule

Geneva School of Boerne uses FACTS Tuition Management Services to help make tuition payments more manageable for parents / guardians.  Because of financial commitments which the school must make in the spring preceding each school year, Geneva (through FACTS Tuition Management) begins billing tuition in March with the final payment due in December.  Families new to Geneva School will begin payments one month subsequent to enrollment with the final payment due in December.


Geneva School of Boerne offers financial assistance to families with students in good standing and with a demonstrated financial need. Such financial assistance is granted on a year by year basis.  Families seeking financial assistance must apply each year for consideration.

It is GSB’s desire to offer financial assistance to as many students as possible. In 2016-2017, 13% of our student body is receiving financial assistance with an average award amount of $3,256.  The financial assistance may cover up to but not more than seventy-five percent of the current year’s tuition for each student; the remaining balance is to be paid by the student’s family.

Financial assistance at Geneva is awarded solely on the basis of financial need. Geneva uses an outside agency, FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment, to analyze and organize applicant’s financial data and evaluate financial need. There is a processing charge of approximately $30 paid by the applicant. Click HERE to learn about the filing requirements with FACTS Grant & Aid.

Families interested in applying for financial assistance may contact Senior Accountant Kate Luffy at 830-755-6101, ext. 206.

Interested families should complete the online financial assistance application found HERE.  The applications for new families are due by January 31 in order to be considered in the first round but awards are not made until after the Admissions Committee makes its decision on the application for admission.  Please note that applications for admission and financial aid for new families run concurrently.

All information required for demonstration of financial need is held by the school in strict confidence and is only viewed by the Financial Aid Committee. The Senior Accountant will notify families of the decisions made by the Financial Aid Committee. The Admissions Committee does not receive any information regarding financial aid requests; therefore, admission is not affected by financial aid requests.

Important Deadlines for Financial Assistance

Applications for Financial Assistance Available November 1
Current Families – Online Application Filing Deadline Mid December
Current Families – Financial Assistance Award Notification Late January
New Families – Online Application Filing Deadline January 31
New Families – Financial Assistance Award Notification Early March