Senior Spotlight

What is the most influential book you have read besides the Bible? Why?

Subliminal: How Your Unconscious Mind Rules Your Behavior by Leonard Mlodinow because it changed my perspective so much on what’s reality and helped me pick my thesis topic, which is always nice.

What is your favorite or funniest moment at Geneva?

Seeing Travis Ratterree’s many exotic outfits provided many of my favorite and funniest moments.

What will you miss most when you leave Geneva?

I will miss not having to pick out what I wear to school every morning.

Who has influenced you most while at Geneva? How?

Mr. Gardner has influenced me the most because of his many motivational speeches and constant encouragement to excel.

What does being a Geneva student mean to you?

Being a Geneva student means you are able to order your thoughts well and think critically.

How would you encourage a Geneva kindergartner to persevere in school?

I would encourage her to try her best, but not to stress too much over things. Chances are that it won’t matter in the long run.

If you could change anything at Geneva, what would it be?

I would look for ways to be more inclusive. It can be a little cliquey.