Specialists Faculty

LUIS ARIZPE                                                                     

Logic School and Rhetoric School Guitar; Audio Engineering; Audio Engineer and Videographer
Education: AA San Antonio Community College; Music Composition University of North Texas
Family: Wife Lynnette and son Diego and daughter Shaia
Why he is at Geneva: “I have been called by God to be here. I find it a high honor to be used by Him to help young people become life-time disciples of Christ for His will and for His glory.”
Interesting tidbit: Luis has recorded three records, made guest appearances on his friends’ records, and won songwriting awards.


Transportation Coordinator; Asst. Football and Track Coach
Education: BS Occupational Education University of Houston; MS Occupational Education University of Houston
Family: Wife Brenda and daughters Cari and Holly as well as Schnauser Izzy
Why he is at Geneva: “I came to coach kids. Geneva has a unique teaching system that I have grown to love. Our kids are challenged every day. I like being able to help our kids learn to compete at a high level.”
Interesting tidbit: John worked security for the Spurs for five years.


Grammar School PE
Education: BA Education University of Alabama
Family: Husband Julio and son Joel (Class of 2020) and stepdaughter Alexa.
Why she is at Geneva: “I knew that I wanted my son to attend Geneva after seeing my sister’s children blossom. God calling me to Geneva was an added blessing.”
Interesting tidbit: Tracy played college basketball at the University of Alabama.


Grammar School and Logic School PE; Assistant Football and Basketball Coach; Head Softball Coach
Education: BA History Hampden-Sydney College
Family: Married to Karly
Why he is at Geneva: “I felt called to work with and mentor young men and women.”


Fine Arts Director; Lewis House Dean; Logic School and Rhetoric School Band
Education: BME University of South Carolina; MME University of South Carolina; EdD work Arizona State University
Family: Husband Ric and children Ian, Nathan (Class of 2011) and Mikaela (Class of 2016).
Why she is at Geneva: “Through Libby Lunsford, God led me to Geneva, and He has equipped me my entire life to do the jobs He has for me. To God be the glory!”
Interesting tidbit: Gradi is a fourth generation music enthusiast.


Logic School and Rhetoric School Orchestra
Education: B.F.A. in Music Education from New Mexico Highlands University
Family: Husband Jesús and daughters Ashlyn Paige and Eunice Rose
Why she is at Geneva: “I am so thankful that I have been led to teach orchestra at Geneva.  I feel that Geneva is the place that I am meant to be.”
Interesting tidbit: Sarah has lived in five state capitals:  Honolulu, HI; Austin, TX; Columbus, SC; Montgomery, AL; Santa Fe, NM


Grammar School PE
Education: BS Nutrition Texas A&M University; MS Food Sciences Texas A&M University
Family: Husband Derek and sons Clayte (Class of 2015) and Ross (Class of 2018).
Why she is at Geneva: “I am the parent of a Geneva graduate and a current student. I love sports, being active, and encouraging healthy lifestyles. It is a joy to be working with the students.”
Interesting tidbit: Jeanette enjoys sewing and quilting.


Logic and Rhetoric School Percussion
Education:  BA Music and certificate of Music Technology University of Texas at San Antonio
Family: Wife Kinleigh
Why he is at Geneva:  “I’m here to teach percussion to 6th-12th graders and I’m looking forward to a great year!”
Interesting tidbit:  Ben loves to hike and climb in the ”


Logic School and Rhetoric School Art
Education: BFA University of Texas at Austin; graduate studies University of St. Thomas
Family: Husband David; son Broun with wife Latane and children Georgia, Nathanael and Pearce; daughter Kristen Carden with husband Tommy and children Hayley and Addison
Why she is at Geneva: “After teaching Art for several years in public school, the Lord called me to Geneva. I am very excited to be teaching in a Christian and classical school and I enjoy the Geneva families.”
Interesting tidbit: Cathy’s son is a pastor at Grace Presbyterian Church in Houston.


Bus Driver
Education: BS Psychology Central Washington College
Family: wife Mary, six children, and eleven grandchildren
Why he is at Geneva: “I applied to work at Geneva because it is a school that teaches what I believe about God and education. I am very thankful I was offered a job at Geneva.”
Interesting tidbit: Don loves classic movies, reading westerns, going to garage and rummage sales, sports cars, and motorcycles.


Education: BS Political Science University of Houston
Family: Husband Steve and sons Nicholas (Class of 2018) and Samuel (Class of 2021).
Why she is at Geneva: “As a Geneva parent, I was impressed and blessed with how my children were being classically educated and spiritually discipled. After volunteering in the library for two years and being a part of the wonderful Geneva community, I prayed God would open a place for me to serve the school and students more fully. I am very grateful to be working in the library and instilling a love of reading in the students.”
Interesting tidbit: Other than being an avid reader and antique junkie, Lisa’s family loves to attend and watch professional race events (Formula 1, ALMS MotoGP). When they have the time (and money!), they pack up the racecar trailer and haul dad’s racecar all over the country to watch him race! Their family dream is to one day attend the 24 Hour Le Mans race in Le Mans, France!!


Grammar School Music
Education: BS All-Level Music Education University of Texas at San Antonio
Family: Kay is married and has three energetic boys, including Caleb (Class of 2027) and Carlos (Class of 2030).
Why she is at Geneva: “I feel very honored and blessed to be a part of the Geneva family. I hope to share my love of music with all the Grammar School students.”
Interesting tidbit: Kay taught 13 years in public school in NEISD before coming to Geneva.


Lewis House Dean; Spanish 1; Logic School and Rhetoric School Theatre
Education: BA English University of Texas at San Antonio
Family: Wife Wendi and daughter Lucy June.
Why he is at Geneva: “I love teaching and I want to help develop the next generation of Christian cultural leaders.”
Interesting tidbit: Rick was once a roadie for Def Leppard. He plays guitar and likes to read Sindarin by candlelight. He has the third largest Tolkien collection in Texas.


Art – K-5
Education: BA Fine Arts Huntington University
Family: Husband Chad and children Jack (Class of 2021) and Maggie (Class of 2022).
Why she is at Geneva: “I am here because the Lord graciously led my family to Geneva. We feel overly blessed that Jack and Maggie are able to attend and that the Lord is allowing me to teach at this precious school.”
Interesting tidbit: Stephanie loves to dance!

ERIN THOMAS                                                                 

Sayers House Dean; Logic School and Rhetoric School Band; Jazz Ensemble
Education: BME University of Houston; Master in Trumpet Performance University of Houston; Professional Diploma in Orchestral Studies Roosevelt University
Why she is at Geneva: “God brought me back home to Boerne to use my talent and experiences for His glory.”
Interesting tidbit: Erin is a member of the San Antonio Brass Band and regularly performs with the San Antonio Symphony.  She is also a football fanatic and loves to craft and repurpose furniture.


Theatre Arts Director
Education:  BFA Texas State University
Family: wife Brandy and children Briar, Evan, Ariel and Finn
Why he is at Geneva: “God has led me from a military oriented career toward doing art instead, through the vehicles of design, making  and performance.  I suspect I will bring a fair bit of opinion to that subject that looks like philosophy.  I hope that the best of it reveals truth through creative means.
Interesting tidbit:  The Jet Propulsion Laboratory was founded by Jack Parsons, a brilliant amateur rocket engineer and Stanford dropout who was also a student for Thelema.  He blew himself up in his basement laboratory while likely doing occult alchemical experiments.  I don’t think C.S. Lewis knew about him, but Parsons would have happily been a member of the NICE.  The best fiction is strongly rooted in history, and people are just wacky and weird.

BENJAMIN VIS                                         

Logic School and Rhetoric School Voice
Education: B.M. Vocal Performance; B.M.E. University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Family: Wife Meredith and son Christian (Class of 2026). and daughters Bristol and Madeline
Why he is at Geneva: “God’s leading in my life has prepared me for the unique Geneva culture, and I am enthusiastic to be used by Him.”
Interesting tidbit: Ben placed in the top 20 in a five mile race of almost 800 participants!