Grammar School Holds Speech Meet

Geneva’s Grammar School Speech Meet is an annual event in which students in first through fifth grades choose either a piece of scripture or poetry from a selection and present it in competition. Students memorize their selected piece and present in preliminary rounds to ultimately try to advance to the finals. Fifteen students in each category (scripture and poetry) advance to the Speech Meet Finals and present in front of a panel of judges and the entire Grammar School. Students are awarded either a first, second or third place medal for their efforts.

First-grader Elena Smith recites Matthew 5:43-48 as her fellow competitors, judges and the entire Grammar School listen intently.

Geneva places a high value on memorizing and reciting pieces to present in front of an audience at an early age.

“Building the foundation of being comfortable giving a speech is so important to a classical education. Every student is encouraged to participate because not only is it good for them, but ultimately every Geneva student will present a senior thesis. Practice in the Grammar School will aid them along the way,” Grammar School Coordinator Beverly Johnson said.

This year, 157 students competed in this voluntary competition and 30 advanced to the finals. All students who participated earned a free homework pass for their hard work and dedication.

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