What is a “fearless” Christian education?

It is an education that is fueled by the belief that God is sovereign over all things.  We need not be afraid to read, study, and evaluate those things that are not inherently Christian or scriptural. The Biblical Worldview that forms the foundation of our school serves as a filter for determining what is true, good and beautiful.  While this is foundational to all three of the schools on our campus, students in the School of Rhetoric have the unique opportunity to take a course called Worldview Analysis in which they learn tools to evaluate the prevalent schools of thought in the world today. Elective offerings include courses such as Apologetics and Humanities Lab.  In Humanities Lab, students are given the opportunity to discuss everything from current events to ancient philosophy with God’s Word as the filter for Truth.  These courses facilitate the mission of the school, developing lifelong learners who are servants and leaders for the Glory of God.