When is it proper to use “who” and “whom”?

“Who” is a subject pronoun.  Who told you about Geneva School of Boerne?” The word “whom” is an object pronoun.  It is grammatically correct to use “whom” when it is a direct object, indirect object or the object of a preposition. “To whom should I forward this website link?”    Another distinctive of Geneva’s classical and Christian education is a focus on English and Latin grammar.  The command of the proper use of language is a foundation of classical rhetoric.  The point of understanding grammar is not to speak in a lofty way in order to elevate oneself but instead to be able to communicate truth thoughtfully, winsomely and with excellence – becoming, as Quintilian put it, “a good man speaking well.”  Noun cases, verb conjugations and a multitude of public speaking opportunities in Grammar School lay the groundwork for the elements of Formal Logic, Classical Rhetoric and the Senior Thesis in the older grades.