Who was the ruling pharaoh when Moses was rescued from the Nile?

While it is not known for certain, many scholars believe that the ruling pharaoh was Thutmose I and that it was his daughter, Hatshepsut, who found the baby Moses floating in the Nile River.  One of the distinctives of our classical education is the chronological study of history.  Rather than an assortment of “Social Studies” classes, Geneva students learn the broad strokes of the major civilizations throughout history and the impact of those civilizations on the world today, recognizing the people, events and great works of literature from each of those time periods.  Furthermore, as a Christian school we look for opportunities to connect the dots between biblical history and significant people and events in history that are not recorded in Scripture.  For second graders, “pharaoh” in the book of Genesis has new meaning when he is discussed in light of their study of the 18th dynasty in Ancient Egypt.