Rhetoric School Magazine and Yearbook Earn Awards

Geneva Quarterly – National Press Association Awards

The National Scholastic Press Association (NSPA) recently rated the Geneva Quarterly All American (the highest) with Marks of Distinction in every category:  Coverage & Content, Text, Visuals, and Presentation.  The Geneva Quarterly is a Rhetoric School student-produced publication.

In his comments, the reviewer for NSPA stated,

It’s been a pleasure to critique the Geneva Quarterly. I spent a couple days reading it and consuming it, and then I realized I had to quit enjoying myself and get to work. Speaking of work, it’s evident you work hard at serving your readers. Content sparkles. Presentations are smart. Your publication surpasses many of your commercial counterparts.

Geneva journalism students won these individual awards from NSPA:

  • Jayne Goodman, 5th place for Best Story of the Year for “Faith in the Forum”
  • Emme Owens, Honorable Mention for Best Layout of the year for her “He Said, She Said” layout on Sadie Hawkins

Geneva Quarterly adviser Becky Ryden stated, “I am always proud of the work our students do on our publications, but we have truly won some outstanding awards the last two years.  This year we have won the Crown Award for the second year in a row, received a Gold Medalist rating from the Columbia Scholastic Press (the highest award), received this All American rating from NSPA and have had a student win a Pacemaker award for writing.”

Geneva Yearbook – Columbia Scholastic Press Awards

The Boardwalk, Geneva’s yearbook was recently awarded Gold Medalist rating with the Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA).   The award went to the 2016-2017 edition of the yearbook. In the critique, the CSPA judge had this to say about the yearbook:

What a lovely book. Your school looks like a vibrant, fun, exciting place to be. You definitely succeeded in communicating your school’s spirit to the reader. Your senior snapshots are some of the most fun senior section coverage I’ve seen in a long time. I hope you all feel very good about this book, because it clearly represents a lot of time, care, and hard work. I feel as though I was picking at very tiny details when critiquing your book. That’s just how good it was – I could only find little things to pick at! I very much enjoyed looking through The Boardwalk. Congratulations on a job very well done.”

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