Senior Thesis Serves as a Capstone to a Geneva Education

As the last step toward graduation, the seniors at Geneva School of Boerne write and defend a thesis. The senior thesis is a dissertation in which the student advances an original point of view, typically on a controversial topic. Seniors begin the academic year by selecting a topic with help from their faculty advisor. Topics are then researched and a final draft is submitted before the student prepares for the oral presentation.

The first part of the thesis presentation is an eloquent 20-minute speech delivered from memory. The speech is delivered before a panel of judges, schoolmates, parents, faculty members and guests. Upon completion of the oral presentation, the invited panelists, conversant in the thesis topic, question the student on points that have been raised. The student demonstrates competency in fielding the questions by “thinking on his feet.”

Kenny Kidd, son of Tracy Lyon and Joe Kidd, was recognized as the 2018 winner of the G.K. Chesterton Award for the best overall senior thesis presentation which was titled “Brave Neurotic World: How America Breeds Anxiety and Depression and How to Stop the Epidemic.”

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