Geneva School of Boerne has a fund that provides school families with short-term tuition assistance in order to bridge the tuition payment gap they may be experiencing due to the impact of COVID-19.

Donations were solicited from the school community for the Bridge Tuition Program at the annual Benefit Programs held last May. Since the school’s first year in 1999-2000, the Benefit has served as a showcase for the school’s unique classical and Christian approach while raising funds for campus improvements. Donations remaining in the Bridge Program after all awards have been made will be placed in the school’s permanent Financial Aid Fund.

The Bridge Program operates like the school’s Financial Aid Program. Families seeking assistance will apply through FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment. There is a $35 charge for the application. Since we know that the application will not capture sudden and dramatic changes in income due to the impact of COVID-19, we are also requiring applicants to submit a letter explaining in detail their current financial situation.

All financial information provided in the application and accompanying letter will be held in strict confidence and only viewed by the Financial Aid Committee. Finance Director Kate Luffy will notify families of the decisions made by the committee.

Bridge awards may cover up to (but not more than) 75% of tuition for each student—the remaining balance is to be paid by the student’s family. Families are encouraged to apply for financial aid if they believe the short-term assistance provided by the Bridge Program is not sufficient. The same application that is used for the Bridge Program also works for the Financial Aid Program.


How can I give to the Bridge Tuition Program?

Gifts to the Bridge Tuition Program can be made online. We also welcome checks mailed to the school to the attention of our Business Office.

I have already applied for financial aid. Can I also apply for Bridge Tuition Program aid?

Yes. Financial aid awards are made for the year and are based in part on income from the most recent tax return. The Bridge Tuition Program is intended to help those families who are dealing with financial consequences due to the pandemic. If you already applied for financial aid, then no need to apply a second time. Instead, submit a letter explaining in detail your current financial situation and send to the school’s Finance Director Kate Luffy.


What if I need financial assistance longer than the short-term covered by the Bridge Tuition Program?

If you think you will need aid for an extended period, then we encourage you to apply for financial aid. Financial aid awards are for the school year.

I believe I need an adjustment to or pause in my payments rather than financial assistance. What should I do?

Please contact the school Finance Director Kate Luffy to speak about adjustments to the payment schedule.