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Trey Greenlees, Geneva Class of 2011, is the highlighted alumnus for this quarter. Here are his responses to a standard set of questions which are given each quarter to an alumnus or alumna to answer.

Please give a current update on yourself (college/graduation year, major, grad school, work/career, family, other interests, service or hobbies).
I am a part of the original 2011 graduating class at Geneva! Currently, I live in Fort Worth after spending the past 6 years in Austin. I’ve been married almost 6 years (in October) to my incredible wife Bailey. We are expecting our first child (a girl) in September! I am currently working for a performance marketing agency as the Director of Client Growth and Development and work fully remote which has been great! I enjoy cycling, golf, and pretty much anything that gets me outside.

In what ways did your Geneva education/training prepare you for the work you are doing now?
My current role is very new to the company and presents a lot of opportunities to create and build new things. Much like those early years at Geneva, there was no one that we (my graduating class) could look at and say “we should do it that way” or “we should do it differently” – we were the ones that had that responsibility. In tackling this new role, I’m not fearful. Instead, I’m tackling it as a challenge and a great opportunity to leave my imprint.

Please describe the most significant value you learned from Geneva.
Hard work and an eye for the details.

How would you encourage a Geneva Rhetoric School student to make the most of their Geneva years?
Geneva is so different from what most students experience in their high school careers. Soak up that uniqueness and use it to your advantage as you move into college and post-college.

Describe Geneva in one word. Explain.
Demanding – It was not a school where you could breeze through (okay maybe some people can) but not me. It has definitely helped me excel in my career.

Please share one or two of your Geneva extracurricular activities and then  compare/contrast that with one or two of your current non-work activities.
I played basketball and ran cross country while at Geneva. Neither one of those things are my passion now (I still shoot hoops and run), but still taught me a lot about having a strong work ethic, teamwork, and leadership.

What are your future career goals and how do you feel prepared for them?
That is a great question. I currently am focused on my new role, but hope to be in a higher position of leadership one day as a VP or CEO utilizing skills learned in my previous roles.

How are you impacted by your work now? What is something you have learned/are learning about yourself and God’s world?
I’m impacted most by the direct reports that I manage. I truly enjoy being able to impact their professional development and while I know that I might not get to see it all the way to its fullest extent, I know that I have “planted the seeds” so that someone else can help nurture that. Much like discipleship, we may never see the fruits of our labor but because of our efforts, someone else’s nurturing of that will help that person grow in their faith.