Thank you for your interest in Geneva School of Boerne. This section contains important information about the admission process. The goal of Geneva School’s admissions process is to bring together a cohesive student body which is supportive of our school mission and which can grow together spiritually, intellectually, relationally and physically. Due to the magnitude and importance of its task, the Admission Committee’s independence and integrity are guarded. The committee looks for:

  1. Families who share the beliefs and goals expressed in the school’s foundational beliefs.
  2. Families who are committed to understanding and pursuing classical education.
  3. Families who prioritize worship and service at a local church and are actively seeking spiritual growth.
  4. Families exhibiting humility and a growth mindset.
  5. Families and students who have abilities, talents and time to assist the school in fulfilling its mission.
  6. Students who are academically compatible with the population of Geneva students he or she will join.

Ellen Yarbrough