Geneva School of Boerne exists to provide a classical education from a biblical worldview. This is our mission and is the primary purpose for our existence. We are a school that seeks to take academic pursuits seriously—the acquisition of knowledge, the development of logical thinking skills and the desire and ability to present one’s knowledge and thoughts in an accomplished and winsome manner.

While academic pursuits are our chief concern, they are not our only concern. The classical ideal is one of developing the whole student. With this in mind, Geneva offers a wide variety of mission-oriented student activities. Below are just a few of these:

  • Arts
  • Athletics
  • AIM Program (partners high school students with elementary classrooms)
  • Field trips
  • Overnight trips (fourth grade and above)
  • Service projects
  • Student-led assemblies
  • Student Senate
  • House System (grades 9-12)
  • Cinematography
  • Debate Club (competes in National Forensics League)
  • Journalism
  • National Honor Society
  • Student-led clubs
  • After school art classes
  • After school music lessons
  • Cub Scouts

We recognize that students (and teachers) in a serious academic setting need to have fun from time to time. Therefore, we provide fun-dress days, pep rallies and festivals throughout the year to keep our students engaged and enjoy learning in different ways both inside and outside of the classroom.