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Geneva School of Boerne Fine Arts students earned recognition at the TAPPS Solo and Ensemble competition. 

“I am extremely proud of our Geneva students and teachers. Their hard work is evident by the 70 Superior ratings that were earned,” Geneva Director of Fine Arts Gradi Evans said.

Geneva had 30 students that achieved All-State status by earning a Superior on UIL Class I solos. These All-State students earn maximum points for their schools toward Henderson Cup. 

Vocal Solos All-State:
Ava Ayers
Mari-Fer Balli
Merrick Barrow
Sloane Burkholder
Kenzie Cates
Avery Eggerss
Cassidy Egli
Juliana Flores
Piper Hoke
Mazzy Horn-O’Brien
Hailey Hubenak
Taylor Hubenak
Bailey Lyons
Lauren McDaniel
Mary Kate Mitchell
Anna Beth Muck
Will Muck*
Abby Russell
Keaton Shindler
Kate Travis 

Piano Solo All-State:
Will Crews
Will Muck* 

Band Solos All-State:
K.P. FitzGerald (Alto Saxophone)
Jack McDaniel (Snare)
Suzi Nilsson (Alto Saxophone)
Zach Petty (Trumpet) 

Orchestra Solos All-State:
Nicholas Siller (Violin)
Kayla Strizu (Violin)
Andrew Viot (Violin)
Ransom Smith (Classical Guitar)  

*Will Muck is the only person to earn 2 All-State titles (Vocal and Piano) 


Earning Superiors for Class 2 and 3 solos were: (These all help earn points for Henderson Cup as well as the All-State students). 

Band Superior Rating:
Lucas Boynton (Clarinet Solo)
Maggie Carraway (Tuba Solo)
John Kelly Chisholm (Snare Solo)
Will Crews (Marimba Solo)
Ford Elizondo (Trumpet Solo)
Dominic Garcia (Tuba Solo)
Cole Hodo (Euphonium Solo)
Jason Hughes (Trombone Solo)
Jace Hulett (Alto Saxophone Solo)
Griffin Miller (Snare Solo)
Nick Nowosiwsky (Clarinet Solo)
Jake Plesko (Snare Solo)
Jack Taylor (Trumpet Solo)
Lucas Boynton, Ben Moninski, Jace Hulett, Jacob Martin (Saxophone Quartet)
Ethan Brunsvold, Cole Hodo, Dominic Garcia, Maggie Carraway (Low Brass Quartet)
Jack Taylor, Seby Boynton, Cole Meegan (Trumpet Trio)
Zach Petty, Luke Rabinowitz, Caleb Baggs (Trumpet Trio)
Luke Brunsvold, Walker Cone, Alex Doran, Alexis Livingston, Carson Cooper, Jake Plesko, Will Crews, Griffin Miller (Percussion Ensemble)
Jack McDaniel, Will Crews, John Kelly Chisholm (Percussion Ensemble)  

Orchestra Superior Rating:
Aidan Bowser (Violin Solo)
Francesca Dacy (Violin Solo)
Madeline Egbert (Viola Solo)
Logan Fritcher (Cello Solo)
Jack Walker Harden (Violin Solo)
Morgan Howard (Viola Solo)
Emma Malkowski (Violin Solo)
Jake Roberson (String Bass Solo)
Aidan Bowser, Jack Walker Harden, Madeline Egbert, Jake Roberson (String Quartet)
Grace Doan, Grant Roberson, Sophia Dacy, Abby Bower (String Quartet)
Morgan Howard, Madeline Egbert (Viola Duet)
Grace Doan, Kayla Strizu (Violin Duet)
Nicholas Siller, Andrew Viot (Violin Duet)
Bethany De Luna, Elle Nicholson (Violin Duet)
Ainsley McLoy, Presley Pruitt (Viola Duet)
Sharon Abuzeid, Claire Coultress (Bass Duet)
Emily Coultress, Alexa Elizondo (Viola Duet)
Emma Malkowsky, Logan Fritcher (String Duet)
Brooks Fessler, Jacob Dishongh, Ransom Smith (Classical Guitar Trio)  

Vocal Superior Rating:
Mattie Sue Arnold, Sloane Burkholder Alexandria Bussey, Grace Doan, Hailey Hubenak, Taylor Hubenak, Ellie Ledoux, Kate Travis earned a Superior for Pop Ensemble and a Superior for Praise Ensemble