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Geneva School of Boerne held its annual Spelling Bee for students in sixth through eighth grades recently. Eighth-grader Zoe Briggs (shown center) was crowned the 2023 Geneva Logic School Spelling Bee Champion. Sixth-grader Peyton Eiland (shown right) finished as runner-up and Myron Barrow (shown left) earned third place.

“Aligning with Geneva’s classical and liberal arts tradition, participation in the school’s Spelling Bee gives Logic students the opportunity to explore a multitude of words, perform and compete with grace, and develop self-confidence while speaking before an audience,” Geneva English Language Arts teacher Barbara De Vries said.


The 2023 Geneva Spelling Bee finalists were sixth-graders Myron Barrow, Peyton Eiland and Lila Flemming; seventh-graders Naomi Bowser, Chase Doran and Christopher Siller; and eighth-gradera Zoe Briggs, Carlyle Harden and Sadie Muck. These students competed in preliminary rounds to qualify for the final round of the competition which determined the champion.