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Geneva musicians Meredith Vis, Gradi Evans, Lily Langenbahn, Erin Thomas, Maggie Swanson, Dawson Cate, Will Bower, Charlotte Walker, Noah Nilsson, Ben Vis and Luke Bower (not pictured) performed a concert to benefit a music mission trip to Malawi, Africa this summer through Child Legacy International.

A Geneva School team of faculty and student musicians presented a classical concert at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Boerne over the weekend to raise funds for their music mission trip to Malawi, Africa this summer through Child Legacy International, Inc.

Geneva faculty members Gradi Evans, Erin Thomas and Meredith and Ben Vis, as well as students Luke and Will Bower, Dawson Cate, Lily Langenbahn, Noah Nilsson, Maggie Swanson and Charlotte Walker, performed a variety of pieces at the concert on Saturday. Professional photography and artwork from Kathi Beasley and Cathy Lester was displayed in a silent auction to benefit the mission trip as well.

The mission of Child Legacy International, Inc. is to break the cycle of poverty in rural Africa by building sustainable communities where hope thrives and legacies of opportunity are created.

“Any level of donation will help make an impact toward this mission. Thank you for considering a contribution to this cause which has come to mean so much to me,” Geneva Fine Arts Director Gradi Evans said.

This music team will help people in the Malawi church learn to play instruments so they can reach more people in Malawi to know Jesus Christ. Donations to fund this trip may be given to Child Legacy International by clicking here.