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Graduates and their families were asked last spring to pioneer an alumni association called the Geneva Alumni Society. The first step is to join an online portal known as “The Commonplace.”

The Commonplace serves as a point of contact for graduates, Geneva parents, faculty and staff and is merely one aspect of the Geneva Alumni Society. Graduates will recall from their humanities courses at Geneva that a commonplace notebook is a place where students, writers and scholars over the centuries have recorded thoughts, facts and ideas that are worth remembering. It seems a fitting name to help connect the Geneva Alumni Society. The Commonplace enables graduates, parents, faculty and staff opportunities to re-connect, give back, and expand through career connections.

“We hope this new portal is just the beginning. We currently have 220 graduates, and, obviously, that number continues to grow. We recognized that we needed a tool to help us stay connected with the growing number of graduates and their families. The beauty of The Commonplace is that it provides an opportunity for graduates to connect not just with the school, but with each other in meaningful ways,” Development Director Amy Metzger said.

Sign up now by importing your LinkedIn or Facebook profile or by signing up through your email address. Join The Commonplace today to connect with dear Geneva friends and faculty!