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Geneva School of Boerne began the new school year on Monday, August 28 with 685 students. Geneva is a classical and Christian 12-KP private school that develops servants, scholars, athletes and artists equipped to do hard things to the glory of Jesus Christ. The school is known by three distinctives—it provides a classical and Christian curriculum with deeply invested educators in a faithful and supportive community.

The school’s mission is to provide a classical education from a biblical worldview to equip students for a lifetime of learning, service and leadership to the glory of Jesus Christ.

A classical education is comprised of three stages—grammar, logic and rhetoric—known as the trivium. Through award-winning programs, Geneva graduates are equipped with a biblical worldview and are critical, logical thinkers, able to discern truth, beauty and goodness.

The Rhetoric School serves high school students in grades 9-12 and in addition to teaching subjects, students learn to see the big picture of humanity and history and to find their place in it as disciples of Christ. This is training in being Christian thinkers, not just competent test takers.

Every student in the Rhetoric School signed the Honor Code at a special assembly on the first day of classes, pledging to seek to live with integrity according to the high standards of the school.

Rhetoric School Headmaster Matt Donnowitz exhorted the students at the Honor Code Assembly by saying, “Living with honor may, at times, cost us something; but in the end, it will prove to be far more valuable than anything we can gain without it.”

In addition to its already rigorous academic curriculum, the high school offers Advanced Placement courses in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Calculus, Statistics, Music Theory, Spanish and Latin, Microeconomics, U.S. Government and Politics as well as Computer Science.

The Logic School serves students in grades 6-8 where students learn to analyze statements critically and to argue claims systematically by arranging terms and facts into arguments to prepare them to always offer a reason, and to do so respectfully.

Logic School Headmaster Aaron Southwick said, “We have to love Logic School students for who they are, and we have to lead them to what they can become.”

Students in grades 7-12 compete in a robust athletic program with cross country, cheer, volleyball, football, soccer, swim, basketball, baseball, softball, tennis, golf, and track and field. The excellent fine arts program offers art, band, guitar, jazz ensemble, music theory, praise ensemble, songwriting, theatre performance, theatre tech and competition, and vocal music.

In grades KP-5, phonics, basic math facts, problem-solving, chronological historical study, fundamental writing skills, increasing reading mastery and hands-on science exploration are emphasized. Latin is taught beginning in third grade. The K-Prep program was created last year to set students on the path of a classical and Christian education.

“In Grammar School our desire is to develop life-long learners who delight in learning with a sense of wonder. Our scholars participate in activities that bring academics to life such as living their part in the feudal system and mummifying chickens like the ancient Egyptians,” Grammar School Headmaster Jessica Gombert said.