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Geneva School of Boerne Logic and Rhetoric students took the National Latin Exam (NLE) this past March. The NLE is a test administered to Latin students around the world and is intended to reinforce and recognize student achievement in the classroom. Certificates, medals and even scholarships are awarded to students whose test scores qualify.

In Logic School, eighth grader Samuel McPhail earned the top award of Gold Summa Cum Laude. The Silver Maxima Cum Laude award was earned by Havey S., Lucas Lozada and Katie Gray. Magna Cum Laude recipients included Welsey Izzo, Anna McPhail, Levi Egbert, Liam McClain, Ashley McCollough, Mason DeLaune, Lila Fleming, Allison Gerch and Peyton Eiland. Cum Laude was earned by Ellie Thompson, Samuel Miller, Caroline Mitchell, Stephen Morse, Ben Burkhart, Henry Richardson, Peyton Willis, Annabelle Larey and Evan Taylor.

In Rhetoric School, Gold Summer Cum Laude was earned by Rosie Troyer, Sofia Ramirez and Will Crews. Silver Maxima Cum Laude was earned by Siena Svendsen, Rachel Troyer and Will Muck. Magna Cum Laude was earned by Ben Lee and Joshua Patteson. Cum Laude was earned by Matthew Martinez, Win Crawford, Zoe Briggs, Bekah Burkhart, Elle Chalmers, Luke Horton and Lillian Hendershot.

Geneva School of Boerne Rhetoric student NLE winners (l to r): Luke Horton, Ben Lee, Siena Svendsen, Rebekah Burkhart, Zoe Briggs, Will Crews and Lillian Hendershop earned awards for their performances on the National Latin Exam. Not pictured: Rosie Troyer, Sofia Ramirez, Matthew Martinez, Winn Crawford, Joshua Patteson, Elle Chalmers, Rachel Troyer and Will Muck.

Geneva School of Boerne eighth grade NLE winners (l to r): Ashley McCollough, Allison Gerch, Anabelle Larey, Katie Gray, Evan Taylor and Mason DeLaune.

Geneva School of Boerne seventh grade NLE winners (l to r): LIla Fleming, Peyton Eiland, Liam McClain and Lucas Lozada.

Geneva School of Boerne sixtth grade NLE top winner Harvey, pictured with Latin Instructor Mr. Lance Higdon.