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Academic All-State:  Maggie Chisholm, Madeline Egbert, Kate Friesenhahn and Maegan Riebel

First Team All-District: Madeline Egbert, Kate Friesenhahn and Reese Smith

Second Team All-District: Maggie Chisholm, Trinity Cloud and Maegan Riebel

Honorable Mention All-District: Lily Flora and Emily Coultress



TAPPS All-State:

First Team All-State:  Shawn George

Second Team All-State: Colton Lutz

Honorable Mention All-State: Cannon Menn

Academic All-State: Shawn George, Colton Lutz, Cannon Menn, Grant Roberson and Jake Roberson

First Team All-District: Shawn George, Colton Lutz, Cannon Menn, Jake Roberson, Brady Chandler

Second Team All-District: Bryce Hanover, Gray Bruner, Grant Roberson, Robert Jons

Honorable Mention All-District: Joshua Patteson, Caleb Quitadamo, T.J. Cross



Academic All-State: Alexandria Bussey, Ella Dillinger, Josh Dennis, Esan Fikes, K.P. FitzGerald, Tino Malouf and Will Muck



All-State Team: Jace Hulett and Suzie Nilsson

Academic All-State: Wyatt Bruss, Jack Walker Harden, Suzi Nilsson, Kate Friesenhahn, Grace Doan and Ella Sorrells



All-State Second Team: Brady Chandler

Academic All-State: Grace Detterick