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Art teacher Cathy Lester displays the TAPPS 4A State Championship Trophy her art students earned at the State Art Meet last week in Waco.

Geneva Rhetoric School students recently competed in the TAPPS 4A State Academic and Art Meet in Waco where they were declared the State Champions in the Art Meet and were fifth place overall in the State Academic Meet.

“Unlike many contests, we don’t really conduct any preparation or advance practices, so it is rewarding to see our students recognized for what they are learning on a daily basis in our classes,” Geneva Rhetoric School Headmaster Rob Shelton said.

Geneva was declared the State Champion for the third straight year in the TAPPS State Art competition and the second year in a row in the 4A classification.

“The fact that our students continue to rise to this level of artistic achievement in so many categories is testimony to the validity of classical training and the students’ hard work and dedication to excellence. It was of special significance to me that so many of our seniors participated and placed,” Geneva art teacher Cathy Lester said.

Here are the categories and individual results for the TAPPS 4A State Art Meet.

Art History

1st Place – Alex Iyer

2nd Place – Anna Beth Muck

Cinema – 1st Place overall

Short Film Animation

1st Place – Quentin Hartman

3rd Place – Catarina Flores and Jayne Goodman


1st Place – Hannah Pratt/Emma Russell

Short Film Narrative

2nd Place – Brock Ambelang, Jackson Friesenhahn and John Henry Friesenhahn

5th Place – Parker Akin, Russel Navarro, Kade Nicholls and Trey Stepanow

Short Film Documentary

5th Place – Kellyn Beauchamp, Peyton Brehmer and Reagan Mowery

6th Place – Sarah Coultress, Garrett Fritcher and Julianna Goodman

Communication Design

5th Place – Nathan Zuniga

6th Place – Anna Riedlinger

Computer Rendered Art

6th Place – Nathan Zuniga

Drawing – Black/White

Honorable Mention – Brooke Secor

Drawing – Color

1st Place – Aubrey Matson

2nd Place – Jayne Goodman

4th Place – Alexa Georgelos

Mixed Media

4th Place – Jayne Goodman

8th Place – Anna Riedlinger

On-Site Drawing

4th Place – Nathan Zuniga


2nd Place – Alyssa Salter

7th Place – Anna Riedlinger


Honorable Mention – Alyssa Salter

Seek and Sketch – Black/White

5th Place Aidan Hamilton

Senior Portfolio

7th Place – Jordan Wheeler

Honorable Mention – Amber Bormann


Here are the categories and individual results for the TAPPS 4A State Academics Meet. Geneva finished in fifth place overall:

Duet Acting

4th Place – Jack Swanson and Julianne De Luna

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

5th Place – Phillip Ackermann

Literary Criticism

1st Place – Nathan Young

4th Place – Annie Ramsey

Number Sense

8th Place – Zach Brunsvold

Original Oratory

4th Place – Alex Iyer

Poetry Interpretation

5th Place – Grace Wacker

6th Place – Amber Bormann

8th Place – Corban Fikes


6th Place – Eva Beckett


4th Place – Pauline Rahal


1st Place – Alex Iyer

Yearbook – 2nd Place