What is the most influential book you have read besides the Bible? Why?

Mere Christianity is the most influential book I have read at Geneva. It addressed many of my misconceptions about Christianity and strengthened my overall faith. 

What is your favorite or funniest moment at Geneva?

Mr. Johnson is one of my favorite teachers, and one day in class he had to stop teaching for a solid minute or two because I made him laugh so hard. I don’t remember what I said, but I don’t think it was that funny, which made it even better.

What will you miss most when you leave Geneva?

I will miss the closeness of everybody on campus. Whether it is the faculty or the students, everybody knows everybody, and it makes it easy to get to know people.

Who has influenced you most while at Geneva, How?

Mr. Arizpe has had a huge impact in my life over the years. He lives a very real and transparent life with an authentic faith and always has great advice to give. He has also contributed a lot to my growth as a musician.

What does being a Geneva student mean to you?

Being a Geneva student means knowing when to be a hard worker and when to enjoy high school. Despite the rigorous course load, Geneva is a fun place to be, and it is just as important to enjoy your time here as it is to be a diligent student.

How would you encourage a Geneva kindergartner to persevere in school?

Live in the moment and stay on top of your work. Most of the stress in school can be alleviated if you pay attention in classes, enjoy your time off, and work when assignments need to be done. Although that is easier said than done, being at Geneva means you are constantly surrounded by people who want to see you succeed. Never be afraid to reach out for help or encouragement.