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Geneva Latin students in sixth through twelfth grades recently received results from taking the 2020 National Latin Exam. The National Latin Exam is a test given annually to Latin students across the United States and around the world. The exam recognizes students’ ability to work with the grammar, syntax, history and culture of the Latin language.

The exam focuses on the student’s ability to read and comprehend Latin as outlined in the American Classical League’s Standards for Classical Languages. By acknowledging students’ personal accomplishments, the test is meant to promote the study of Latin and to encourage individual students. Students at Geneva begin the study of Latin in third grade and may participate in the National Latin Exam beginning in sixth grade.

“Latin at Geneva helps produce within students an appreciation for a culture and language far removed from our own times and geographical surroundings. It gives students a deeper awareness of how language works and how other cultures approach matters. It is difficult to imagine a program of study that more effectively prepares students for launching their academic careers past high school graduation,” Dr. John Rosheger, Geneva’s Language Department head, said.

The following students in sixth through eighth grades were awarded for their achievement at the various levels on the 2020 National Latin Exam:

Introduction to Latin

      Outstanding Achievement

Rachel Troyer

Haley Harrison

Ella Dillinger

Beth L.

Emma Malkowski


Ben Lee

Norah Galbreath

Lucas Boynton

Brady Chandler

Hans Mia

Teagan Fikes

Luke Horton

Siena Svendsen

Emrey Taylor

Hannah Reyes

Luke Brunsvold

Joshua Patteson

Latin 1

Silver Maxima cum Laude 

Claire Coultress

Will Muck

Nick Nowosiwsky

Cammy Curtis

Magna cum Laude 

Alex Havranek

Hailey Kirchner

Philip Gordon

Tino Malouf

Suzi Nilsson

Cum Laude 

Jake Plesko

Alex Doran

The following high school students were awarded for their achievement at the various levels on the 2020 National Latin Exam:

Latin 2

Gold Summa cum Laude

Corban Fikes

Silver Maxima cum Laude

Zach Brunsvold

Sloane Burkholder

Julianna Flores

Magna cum Laude

Hailey Hubenak

Collin Sutton

Cum Laude 

Elizabeth Walter

Avery Eggerss

Latin 3

Gold Summa cum Laude 

Garrett Fritcher

Silver Maxima cum Laude 

Piper Hoke

Magna cum Laude 

Alethea Ward

Sam Doran

Cum Laude 

Lauren Abell

Jose Balli

Presley Pruitt

Latin 4

Gold Summa cum Laude 

Alex Iyer

Silver Maxima cum Laude 

Connor Schaefer

Magna cum Laude 

Catarina Flores

Quentin Hartman

Cum Laude 

Grace Wacker