Senior Spotlight

What is the most influential book you have read besides the Bible? Why?
I would say the most influential book I have read has probably been Dante’s inferno. We spend a lot of time as Christians determining what is 100% true and factual based on the Bible and so it was super interesting to me reading about a not so strictly canon rendition of something biblical.

What is your favorite or funniest moment at Geneva?
I think probably my funniest moment at Geneva was in middle school soccer I tore two ligaments in my leg when I missed the ball in practice. It was pretty embarrassing at the time but now I just think it’s funny.

What will you miss most when you leave Geneva?
I think I will probably miss most how well I know everyone at Geneva. After being with a lot of these people for twelve years it’s sort of like one big family.

Who has influenced you most while at Geneva? How?
Mr Arizpe has definitely had the biggest impact on me out of anyone else at Geneva. I spent almost all of my study halls and many lunches in the guitar room practicing or just hanging out, it felt like a second home at Geneva. Anyone who has ever had Mr Arizpe as a teacher or has been in one of our bible studies can attest to how much of the Lord he pours into us everyday while still being the most fun teacher on campus. Mr Arizpe has shown me what it looks like to live for the Lord and how much joy doing so can bring. I will always appreciate his influence as a mentor, teacher, and friend.

What does being a Geneva student mean to you?
I think being a Geneva student says that your priorities are really on the way that you think and how that aligns with the word. A lot of schools teach students what to think but I believe Geneva really does teach it’s students how to think which is much more valuable.

How would you encourage a Geneva kindergartner to persevere in school?
I would tell a kindergartner to always try their best and act like they would if Jesus was in the room because he really always is.

What about Geneva do you hope never changes?
I hope people never stop calling Geneva a cult. Funnily enough the things that make Geneva weird are the things that make it feel like home. I hope that the openness to being different at Geneva never changes.