Logic and Rhetoric School Classical Guitar, Audio Engineering, Audio Engineer and Videographer
Education: Associate of Arts – San Antonio Community College; Music Composition – University of North Texas
Family: Wife Lynnette, son Diego and daughter Shaia
Why he is at Geneva: “I have been called by God to be here. I find it a high honor to be used by Him to help young people become life-time disciples of Christ for His will and for His glory.”
Interesting tidbit: Luis has recorded three records, made guest appearances on his friends’ records and won songwriting awards.


Logic and Rhetoric School Band
Education: Bachelor of Music Education – Berklee College of Music
Family: Wife Destinee
Why he is at Geneva: “The Lord has graciously led me here and I find it a joy to teach and invest in our students at Geneva.”
Interesting tidbit: Daniel has performed with Grammy-winning conductor Arnie Roth at Boston Symphony Hall and enjoys playing tennis.


Fine Arts Director, Logic and Rhetoric School Band, Lewis House Co-Dean
Education: Bachelor of Music Education – University of South Carolina; Master of Arts in Music Education – University of South Carolina; EdD work – Arizona State University
Family: Husband Ric and children Ian, Nathan (Class of 2011) and Mikaela (Class of 2016)
Why she is at Geneva: “God led me to Geneva through Libby Lunsford. He has equipped me my entire life to do the jobs He has for me. To God be the glory!”
Interesting tidbit: Gradi is a fourth generation music enthusiast.


Logic and Rhetoric School Orchestra, Musicology, Sayers House Co-Dean
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Music Education – New Mexico Highlands University
Family: Husband Jesús and daughters Ashlyn Paige and Eunice Rose
Why she is at Geneva: “I am so thankful that I have been led to teach orchestra at Geneva. I feel that Geneva is the place that I am meant to be.”
Interesting tidbit: Sarah has lived in five state capitals: Honolulu, HI; Austin, TX; Columbus, SC; Montgomery, AL; Santa Fe, NM


Grammar School Music
Education: Bachelor in Music Education-University of Mississippi
Family: Married to Patrick, daughters Ruthie (class of 2032) and Gracie (class of 2034) and sons Bud (2036) and future eagles Gus and Jack
Why she is at Geneva: “God led us to this special community!”
Interesting tidbit: “I love college football!”


Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric School Art (3rd-9th), Chaucer House Co-Dean
Education: Bachelor Fine Arts in Studio Arts- Baylor University, Region 20 Teacher Certification, Post Baccalaureate Classes at UTSA
Family: Husband Keith and children Joshua (class of 2026), Aben and Callie Grace (class of 2030)
Why she is at Geneva: God led us here when Joshua was entering Kindergarten. Geneva prioritizes and develops the things my family values including faith in Jesus Christ, a classical education, service, community, and lifelong learning. I am privileged to teach art!
Interesting tidbit: In high school, I played soccer for an all girls school in Virginia. Our mascot was a snail. Fittingly, our motto was Festina Lente. Fans cheered, “Go, Go Escargot!”


Fine Arts Executive Assistant, Logic and Rhetoric School Choir
Education: Bachelor of Music Education – University of Texas at San Antonio; Master of Music in Vocal Pedagogy and Performance – University of Texas at San Antonio
Family: Parents Bobby and Lila and sister Janice in San Antonio; dogs Pippin & Groot
Why she is at Geneva: God’s timing is perfect. His plan to bring me to Geneva came together just when I needed it most! I feel blessed to be able to use my organizational gifts to serve the fine arts team and my musical/teaching gifts to guide the growth of young musicians in the classroom.
Interesting tidbit: Designed a 3D mask during COVID, ended up starting a business and made over 1,250 masks in one year.


Assistant Fine Arts Director, Logic and Rhetoric School Choir, AP Music Theory, Chaucer House Co-Dean
Education: Master of Arts in Christian Leadership – Houston Baptist University; Bachelor of Music, Vocal Performance emphasis; Bachelor of Music Education – University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Family: Wife Meredith, son Christian (Class of 2026) and daughters Bristol (Class of 2033) and Madeline
Why he is at Geneva: “God’s leading in my life prepared me for the unique Geneva culture, and I am enthusiastic to be used by Him.”
Interesting tidbit: Ben placed in the top 20 in a five-mile race of almost 800 participants.