Logic and Rhetoric School Classical Guitar, Audio Engineering, Audio Engineer and Videographer
Education: Associate of Arts – San Antonio Community College; Music Composition – University of North Texas
Family: Wife Lynnette, son Diego and daughter Shaia
Why he is at Geneva: “I have been called by God to be here. I find it a high honor to be used by Him to help young people become life-time disciples of Christ for His will and for His glory.”
Interesting tidbit: Luis has recorded three records, made guest appearances on his friends’ records and won songwriting awards.


Logic and Rhetoric School Band
Education: Bachelor of Music Education – Berklee College of Music
Family: Wife Destinee
Why he is at Geneva: “The Lord has graciously led me here and I find it a joy to teach and invest in our students at Geneva.”
Interesting tidbit: Daniel has performed with Grammy-winning conductor Arnie Roth at Boston Symphony Hall and enjoys playing tennis.


Fine Arts Director, Logic and Rhetoric School Band, Lewis House Co-Dean
Education: Bachelor of Music Education – University of South Carolina; Master of Arts in Music Education – University of South Carolina; EdD work – Arizona State University
Family: Husband Ric and children Ian, Nathan (Class of 2011) and Mikaela (Class of 2016)
Why she is at Geneva: “God led me to Geneva through Libby Lunsford. He has equipped me my entire life to do the jobs He has for me. To God be the glory!”
Interesting tidbit: Gradi is a fourth generation music enthusiast.


Logic and Rhetoric School Orchestra, Musicology, Sayers House Co-Dean
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Music Education – New Mexico Highlands University
Family: Husband Jesús and daughters Ashlyn Paige and Eunice Rose
Why she is at Geneva: “I am so thankful that I have been led to teach orchestra at Geneva. I feel that Geneva is the place that I am meant to be.”
Interesting tidbit: Sarah has lived in five state capitals: Honolulu, HI; Austin, TX; Columbus, SC; Montgomery, AL; Santa Fe, NM


Grammar School Music
Education: Bachelor in Music Education-University of Mississippi
Family: Married to Patrick, daughters Ruthie (class of 2032) and Gracie (class of 2034) and sons Bud (2036) and future eagles Gus and Jack
Why she is at Geneva: “God led us to this special community!”
Interesting tidbit: “I love college football!”


Rhetoric School Advanced Art
Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts – University of Texas at Austin; graduate studies – University of St. Thomas
Family: Husband David; son Broun and his wife Latane and children Georgia, Nathanael and Pearce; daughter Kristen Carden and her husband Tommy and children Hayley and Addison
Why she is at Geneva: “After teaching art for several years in public school, the Lord called me to Geneva. I am very excited to teach in a classical and Christian school and I enjoy the Geneva families.”
Interesting tidbit: Cathy’s son is a pastor at Grace Presbyterian Church in Houston.


Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric School Art (3rd-9th), Chaucer House Co-Dean
Education: Bachelor Fine Arts in Studio Arts- Baylor University, Region 20 Teacher Certification, Post Baccalaureate Classes at UTSA
Family: Husband Keith and children Joshua (class of 2026), Aben and Callie Grace (class of 2030)
Why she is at Geneva: God led us here when Joshua was entering Kindergarten. Geneva prioritizes and develops the things my family values including faith in Jesus Christ, a classical education, service, community, and lifelong learning. I am privileged to teach art!
Interesting tidbit: In high school, I played soccer for an all girls school in Virginia. Our mascot was a snail. Fittingly, our motto was Festina Lente. Fans cheered, “Go, Go Escargot!”


Fine Arts Executive Assistant, Logic and Rhetoric School Choir
Education: Bachelor of Music Education – University of Texas at San Antonio; Master of Music in Vocal Pedagogy and Performance – University of Texas at San Antonio
Family: Parents Bobby and Lila and sister Janice in San Antonio; dogs Pippin & Groot
Why she is at Geneva: God’s timing is perfect. His plan to bring me to Geneva came together just when I needed it most! I feel blessed to be able to use my organizational gifts to serve the fine arts team and my musical/teaching gifts to guide the growth of young musicians in the classroom.
Interesting tidbit: Designed a 3D mask during COVID, ended up starting a business and made over 1,250 masks in one year.


Grammar School Art (KP-3rd)
Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts – Huntington University
Family: Husband Chad and children Jack (Class of 2021) and Maggie
Why she is at Geneva: “I am here because the Lord graciously led my family to Geneva. We feel overly blessed that Jack and Maggie were able to attend and that the Lord is allowing me to teach at this precious school.”
Interesting tidbit: Stephanie loves to dance!


Assistant Fine Arts Director, Logic and Rhetoric School Choir, AP Music Theory, Chaucer House Co-Dean
Education: Master of Arts in Christian Leadership – Houston Baptist University; Bachelor of Music, Vocal Performance emphasis; Bachelor of Music Education – University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Family: Wife Meredith, son Christian (Class of 2026) and daughters Bristol (Class of 2033) and Madeline
Why he is at Geneva: “God’s leading in my life prepared me for the unique Geneva culture and I am enthusiastic to be used by Him.”
Interesting tidbit: Ben placed in the top 20 in a five-mile race of almost 800 participants.