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New NHS members are on front row, from left: Riley Tippit, Pauline Rahal, Hannah Ledoux, Grace Wacker, Audrey Davis, Cody Lane George, Lana Harrison, Emma Cress. Second row: Katie-Grace Styles, Sarah Ledoux, Ashton Landis, Grace Janse, Reese Ferguson, Charlotte Walker, Alex Iyer. Back row: Trey Stepanow, Evan Schaefer, Joshua Nate, Katherine Lacy, Eric Drees, Alexis Davis, Luke Hardin, Alethea Ward, Emma Wilson, Alexa Georgelos. Not pictured: Lily Radigan, Emma Grace Erfurt.

Geneva recently inducted 27 new members into the Geneva chapter of NHS, bringing the total membership to 79. Students earning this honor showed accomplishments in leadership, character, scholarship and service.

Susan Greenlees, the Geneva NHS sponsor, encouraged the new members through the words of Papyrus: “No one keeps enthusiasm automatically. Enthusiasm must be nourished with new action, new aspirations, new effort and new vision.”

Each new member was encouraged to fan the flame in the coming years for what God gives each one to do in leading and serving the Boerne community and Geneva. Each member is expected to lead with character and help with ongoing projects at Geneva as well as to perform 20 hours of outside community service throughout the year.