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Honorable Mention All-State: Abigail Bussey, Raquel Moerdyk, Haylee Parnell and Malyn Arnold

Academic All-State: William Crews, Jack Taylor, Alexandria Bussey, Francesca Dacy and Raquel Moerdyk



First Team All-State: Kyra Petty and Maegan Riebel

State All Tournament Team: Maegan Riebel and Kyra Petty

Honorable Mention All-State: Madeline Egbert

Academic All-State: Maegan Riebel, Kyra Petty, Madeline Egbert, Bethany De Luna and Lindsay Lee

First Team All-District: Maegan Riebel, Kyra Petty and Madeline Egbert

Second Team All-District: Bethany De Luna and Lindsay Lee

Honorable Mention All-District: Morgan Howard



Second Team All-State – Colton Lutz and Wyatt Bruss

Academic All-State – Wyatt Bruss, Colton Lutz, Griffin Freiling and Jack Taylor

First Team All-District – Wyatt Bruss and Colton Lutz

Second Team All-District – Griffin Freiling and Jack Taylor

Honorable Mention All-District – Jack Walker Harden, K.P. FitzGerald and Caleb Quitadamo



First Team All-State – Alex Doran, Kate Friesenhahn and Hayle Heinen

State All Tournament Team – Alex Doran, Kate Friesenhahn, Emery Taylor and Hayle Heinen

Second Team All-State – Emery Taylor

Honorable Mention All State – Trinity Cloud

Academic All-State – Alexandra Doran, Margaret Chisholm, Hayle Heinen, Kathleen Friesenhahn, Sofia Griffey and Mandy Mills

First Team All-District – Alexandra Doran, Margaret Chisholm, Hayle Heinen, Emrey Taylor, Kathleen Friesenhahn and Trinity Cloud

Second Team All-District – Sofia Griffey, Mandy Mills and Wimberley Hochart

Honorable Mention All-District – Mary Simpson, Hadessa Hochart, Siena Svendsen and Lilly Billings



Academic All-State – Greyson Britton and Walker Cone

First Team All-District – Colton Sehlke and Greyson Britton

Second Team All-District – Walker Cone and Joshua Patteson

Honorable Mention All-District – Caleb Sehlke, Sebastian Boynton and Esan Fikes


Varsity girls soccer players Alex Doran, Kate Friesenhahn, Hayle Heinen and Emrey Taylor were selected to the State All-Tournament Team.