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The Geneva School of Boerne magazine staff was named a Crown Award Finalist through the Columbia Scholastic Press Association for its work on the 2022-23 “Geneva Quarterly” magazine. This is the eighth year in a row that the staff earned this prestigious national honor and distinction in high school journalism. In March 2024, CSPA will hold its annual spring student convention where they will announce whether the Crown is gold or silver.

Publications from across the nation submitted for Crown consideration, with only 22 publications receiving a finalist nod in the General Magazine category. The student publication of the Rhetoric School has won the award eight times with the staff being named a Gold Crown Award Winner six times between 2018-2023.

Founded in 1925, the CSPA unites student editors and the faculty advisers working with them to produce student newspapers, magazines, yearbooks and online media. The CSPA is owned and operated by Columbia University. The Gold Crown Award is the highest honor given in the various categories.

“The staff works hard all year to produce a publication that is well curated, informative, engaging and loved by the Rhetoric community of Geneva and beyond,” Christina Hammock, the “Geneva Quarterly” adviser from 2018-2023, said. “I am so proud of the entire staff for their creativity and determination in producing such an amazing magazine.”

Staff members who contributed to the 2022-23 magazine were Sophia Baldwin, Ava Ayers, Abby Bower, Sophia Dacy, Kate Evans, Mattie Sue Arnold, Guy Kohler, Spencer Yarbrough, Hailey Kirchner, Claire Coultress, Lindsay Lee, Suzi Nilsson, Alexis Livingston, Ella Dillinger, Emma Malkowski, Jacob Goodman, Mazzy Horn-O’Brien, Will Crews and Sofi Treviño.

(Left to Right) Spencer Yarbrough, Kate Evans, Mattie Sue Arnold, Abby Bower, Sophia Dacy, Guy Kohler, Christina Hammock and Sophia Baldwin

(Left to Right) Mattie Sue Arnold, Abby Bower, Spencer Yarbrough, Ava Ayers, Christina Hammock, Sophia Baldwin, Guy Kohler, Kate Evans and Sophia Dacy