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Geneva kindergarten and first grade classes presented at a fall assembly which has become a treasured favorite. Kindergartners taught the audience about the French painter, Georges Seurat, and his method of painting called pointillism. Students painted their own art smocks and wore French berets to present about Seurat and his famous painting “Sunday Afternoon on the Grande Jatte.”

First grade students gave a big picture of God, the solar system, what it means to live on Planet Earth and in America and then sang several songs including a beloved song about the U.S. presidents. They memorized and proclaimed God’s Word by reciting the creation story in Genesis 1:1-8. These students are working to memorize Geneva chapters 1-2:3 and will recite that portion of scripture at the end of the school year.

“I believe classical and Christian education matters in first grade because we are building a foundation for our students to become life-long learners, critical thinkers and great problem-solvers using teaching methods that have been proven to work over centuries,” first grade teacher Mynette Drawe said.