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Geneva second and fourth grades combined forces at a fall assembly to share what they are learning. Second grade showcased three students dressed as their teachers in their portion of the assembly. Anna McPhail dressed as her teacher Mrs. Amelia O’Brien, Clara Boerboom portrayed Mrs. Jina Lavezzari and Harper Taylor dressed as her teacher Mrs. Susan Naiser.

This assembly presentation has become an annual tradition and is a lot of fun for the students and teachers. The fourth grade contributed to the assembly by summarizing the great literary theme of good versus evil in the epic story Beowulf, A Retelling by illustrating how light defeats darkness.

“A classical and Christian education is beautiful in so many ways and I am consistently in awe of what my students learn each year and the growth that takes place in their hearts and minds. We are able to have deep discussions in class about truth, beauty and goodness all while filtering everything we learn through the lens of a biblical worldview,” second grade teacher Amelia O’Brien said.