Eighth Grade Physics
Education: Bachelor of Science in Education (Composite Science) – Lubbock Christian University; Master of Science in Education – Our Lady of the Lake University
Family: Wife Beth and two children Ezra and Emma (Class of 2028)
Why he is at Geneva: “God shuts doors and opens them. He shows His most excellent way. I recognize His hand in preparing me to teach at Geneva. I am excited to be here.”
Interesting tidbit: Josh loves building things and even built his own house!


Sixth Grade Old Testament; Eighth Grade Church History
Education: Bachelor of Science in Humanities – United Air Force Academy; Master of Divinity – Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; PhD Old Testament Studies with Minor in New Testament Studies and Ethics – Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Family: Wife Judith Rae, daughter Tonya, son Todd (killed serving in war), five grandchildren and four great-grandchildren
Why he is at Geneva: “I believe God has brought me here to make a difference in the life of my students. I feel I have ‘come home’ culturally, academically and spiritually.”
Interesting tidbit: Ron flew 183 combat missions during the Vietnam War. He was on duty at the Pentagon during the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001 and was a part of the effort to save people’s lives.


Seventh Grade Latin; Eighth Grade Latin
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Classics – Baylor University
Family: Husband Royal Brown
Why she is at Geneva: “God is good and led me to this wonderful place. I feel blessed to be able to teach at this amazing, God-filled place.”
Interesting tidbit: Before working at Geneva, Morgan worked at her family’s custom cowboy boot making business called Little’s Boot Company.


Sixth Grade Math; Seventh Grade Logic
Education: Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies – Abilene Christian University; Master of Education with an emphasis in Conflict Management and Resolution – Abilene Christian University; Certified Mediator in the State of Texas
Family: Husband Eric and children Adison (Class of 2017) and Dawson (Class of 2020)
Why she is at Geneva: “God made clear that Geneva was the place for me in 2008. I have absolutely loved learning the Classical and Christian method and instilling a love of learning in my students as we unravel intricate attributes of the Creator through the lenses of mathematics and logic.”
Interesting tidbit: Karen enjoys running and has run in several marathons. She also loves reading and can usually be found with a book close by.

MARY CLIFFORD                                                            

Logic School Dean of Girls; Sixth Grade Language Arts; Sixth Grade Grammar
Education: Bachelor of Arts in English – California State University, Fullerton; graduate work in Education – Chapman University
Family: Husband Jim and sons Jack (Class of 2013) and Trevor (Class of 2016), dog Murphy and cat ZeldaTallulahLunaSkittles
Why she is at Geneva: “I have a calling and a passion for teaching and children. The Lord prepared the way and clearly led me to teach at Geneva.”
Interesting tidbit: Mary is a Francophile and loves stand-up paddle boarding and surfing.


Seventh Grade Language Arts
Education: Bachelor of Science in Education – Baylor University
Family: Husband James and children Chloe (Class of 2016), Emma (Class of 2020), Michael (Class of 2021) and Brooke (Class of 2028).
Why she is at Geneva: “As a family, we continue to value the quality of the classical and Christian education our children receive at Geneva. With three of our children attending the school, and a love for teaching students, it is a blessing to be called to serve at this campus.”


Eighth Grade Algebra 1; Logic School Math Specialist
Education: Bachelor of Business Administration – West Texas State University; Master of Public Administration – University of Texas at Austin; Master of Taxation – University of Denver
Family: Husband Mike and sons Scott (married to Danielle) and Jason (married to Amanda)
Why she is at Geneva: “I believe the classical method with a Christian worldview will better equip students to further the kingdom of God. I love being a part of that process.”
Interesting tidbit: While living in Colorado, Lorie and her husband enjoyed mountain climbing, including several of Colorado’s 14,000-foot peaks.


Sixth Grade Latin; Seventh Grade New Testament Survey
Education: Bachelor of Science in University Studies/Religion – East Texas Baptist University; Master of Divinity – Logsdon Seminary
Family: Engaged to Alyssa Lamborn, dog Aspen and cat Samuel
Why he is at Geneva: “God has called me to teach the Bible and Languages to whatever age group I can. God has been faithful in guiding me from youth ministry, to teaching at the graduate level, to now teaching young men and women at Geneva. I am confident that this is where God wants me and could not have asked for a better community than at Geneva!”
Interesting tidbit: Brian plays guitar, collects vintage Marvel comic books, loves sports (especially the Dallas Cowboys)  and the study of languages including Hebrew, Greek and Latin.


Sixth Grade Earth Science; Seventh Grade Life Science
Education: Bachelor of Science in Molecular and Cellular Biology – University of Illinois; Master of Education in Secondary Education – University of Phoenix
Family: Husband Rodney
Why she is at Geneva: “Looking back, I see the clear path that the Lord laid out for me to arrive at Geneva. Geneva is a wonderful and blessed place to share not only my love for Christ, but my love for science and His creation. I am grateful and excited to be a part of the Geneva family and to see the Lord’s hand at work in our students and community.”
Interesting tidbit: Mallory is an avid fan of Major League Baseball and is on a mission to visit all of the MLB stadiums.


Logic School Math Specialist; Seventh Grade Pre-Algebra; NJHS Sponsor
Education: Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing with International Business Minor – Texas A&M University; Texas Certified Teacher 4-8 Generalist, 8-12 Mathematics
Family: Husband Jeff and children Jack (Class of 2024), Emrey (Class of 2026), Harper (Class of 2030) and Moss
Why she is at Geneva: “I felt a strong ‘nudge’ from God to learn about Geneva. I am so excited to be a part of a community in which I can teach mathematics and at the same time inspire students in their spiritual growth with Christ. The educational goal at Geneva is to make lifetime learners out of its students. I want that for my children and I want to be as close to the action as I can to see it all happen, not only for my children but for my students.”
Interesting tidbit: Leslie has completed two marathons, several triathlons and would love to participate in an Ironman triathlon.


Sixth Grade World History and Geography; Seventh Grade Texas History and Geography
Education: Bachelor of Arts in History – University of Texas at San Antonio; Master of Arts in Biblical Studies – Masters University
Family: Wife Stephanie and children Rachel (Class of 2025), Esther Rose (Class of 2027) and Ruth Ellen (Class of 2031)
Why he is at Geneva: “Good friends convinced me that Geneva was the right place for me to teach.”
Interesting tidbit: Dennis’ parents were Amish.


Eighth Grade Language Arts
Education: Bachelor of Arts in English with Minor in Education – Texas Tech University
Family: Husband Curtis and son Wesley (Class of 2015) as well as daughters Jessica (Class of 2017) and Jordan (Class of 2019)
Why she is at Geneva: “I received a clear call from God that not only was it time for me to return to teaching, but that Geneva was exactly where He wanted me.”
Interesting tidbit: Debbie loves road trips, photography and collecting sand from places she goes…or that people bring her from fun places they go! She has a bottle of “Mount Geneva” in her classroom.


Eighth Grade Civics; Eighth Grade Dialectic
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Management – Baylor University; Educational Studies – Texas A&M-Corpus Christi
Family: Husband Buddy and sons Karl and his wife Lindsey, Fisher (Class of 2014) and Chase (Class of 2021) as well as step-son Sean, his wife Cara and three precious grandchildren
Why she is at Geneva: “I had the privilege of being a stay-at-home mom for my boys. When Fisher started at Geneva in sixth grade, I felt God stirring me to do something I didn’t yet fully know. The Lord graciously placed this path before me and I have the privilege of teaching from a Christian worldview at an amazing school.”
Interesting tidbit: Stephanie likes crafty things and loves to read, as evidenced by her long Amazon wish-list.