News Post

Dear Geneva Community,

Governor Greg Abbott announced today that all Texas schools, including private schools, must remain closed for the rest of this school year. This announcement means that our current campus closure, set by the school’s Board of Trustees to end on May 4 and scheduled for review next week, will continue through the end of our school year. Our last day of the school year is still set for May 22. This announcement also means that our virtual approach to learning will continue for the rest of the school year.

Such an announcement, while not unexpected, is nevertheless disappointing and creates many questions about events that were planned for May as well as this summer. Some events such as our capstone program, the Senior Thesis, have already been adjusted. Other events and activities will be adjusted or postponed now that we know our campus will remain closed. Please look for information about these adjustments or postponements in the coming weeks.

I believe I speak for many in saying that I had hoped, albeit with reservations, for the chance to be back on campus with students, teachers and parents before the school year ends. I know the decision to keep schools closed is a wise one, founded on reason and concern for safety. And yet, I think we can agree that an important part of our children’s education is to have direct contact with their classmates and teachers. They, like us, are embodied beings created by God for relationship.

I pray that as we practice physical distancing in the weeks ahead, we can find new ways (or improve upon those ways already established) to live as embodied people who love and care for one another.

Brad Ryden
Head of School