The Vision for Geneva School of Boerne

We see Geneva School of Boerne as a place that exists to come alongside like-minded parents in providing a mutually-desired, challenging and timeless education for students with average to above average academic ability.

We see the classical method as a proven educational approach that takes advantage of the student’s natural tendencies and provides them with the necessary tools for learning—a wealth of information (Grammar), the ability to think and reason (Logic) and the ability to communicate honestly and effectively (Rhetoric).

We see relationships between students and adults as taking place within a particular environment, one that gives students a framework for approaching and interpreting the world. These relationships and environment are founded on biblical principles, united by membership in the body of Christ and suffused with the power of God’s Spirit.

We see students tackling a challenging curriculum and enjoying the satisfaction and fruits of hard work as they develop their God-given talents for His glory.

We see our faculty providing a supportive and predictable atmosphere for the students.

We see our students serving as a blessing to the community. As they move on from Geneva School, we see them having a significant impact on their families and communities as adults.

Portrait of a Graduate

A Geneva graduate is a disciple of Jesus Christ, exhibiting excellence, passion and integrity as he leads for Christ’s cause in the world. He is a critical, logical thinker, able to discern absolute truth from cultural trends and philosophies. As one who loves the Lord with all his mind, the Geneva graduate will be a lover of learning, and have the ability to grasp new ideas throughout his lifetime in pursuit of truth. These qualities, clothed in humility, create a foundation that will enable him to present engagingly articulate and persuasively winsome arguments. A Geneva graduate honors God’s image within himself and thus, is interested in all people because of God’s interest and image in them. The classical education and biblical worldview gained at Geneva will equip the graduate to exhibit vocational excellence to the glory of God.