What is the most influential book you have read besides the Bible? Why?
The most influential book I’ve read besides the Bible is Brave New World. It reminds us not to become calloused to the flaws in our society and that the extreme realities we read about are closer than we think.

What is your favorite or funniest moment at Geneva?
I loved Latin class with Mrs. Brown in Logic school. Her joy is contagious, and I miss daily fist bumps at the door. But standing up on the chairs and singing Happy Birthday has to be a favorite, because who didn’t love an excuse to annoy Mr. Milam next door?

What will you miss most when you leave Geneva?
I’m going to miss the house system a lot. I’ve loved getting to interact with upper and underclassmen throughout high school.

Who has influenced you most while at Geneva, How?
Mrs. Greenlees has influenced me the most, as she exhibits grace and patience in her teaching and willingness to give of her time to help students. Her faith in me allowed me to have enough confidence in myself to not only enjoy but succeed in the very subject I struggle with.

What does being a Geneva student mean to you?
Being a Geneva student means knowing that sometimes you will stumble and fall but have a whole support system to catch you. It means knowing that sometimes you will face an uphill climb but have people cheering you on who can’t wait to take in the view alongside you once you reach the top.

How would you encourage a Geneva kindergartner to persevere?
Failure is the first step to success.

What about Geneva do you hope never changes?
I genuinely hope that the sense of community and the sincerity behind our words and actions never change. The investment of our teachers in the students and of the students in each other is such a rare thing to experience.