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Geneva orchestra and classical guitar musicians recently earned a TAPPS Division II Orchestra State Championship for the second straight year. This is a combination of Solo, Ensemble and Large Ensembles. Orchestra and Classical Guitar contributed points toward the 225 points earned by Geneva that helped achieve this honor. Directors are Sarah Gachupin (string orchestra) and Luis Arizpe (classical guitar).

Students also earned second place in the TAPPS 4A Band State Competition. Band and Jazz are under the direction of Erin Thomas. Geneva vocalists, under the direction of Ben Vis, won the TAPPS 4A Vocal State Competition last month.

“Geneva’s fine arts have really stepped up their game. Everyone has improved. While excellence has always been the goal, our students and teachers are certainly maintaining a high level of performance in all areas. We are truly blessed by both talented students and teachers,” Geneva Director of Fine Arts Gradi Evans said.

Directors Sarah Gachupin (string orchestra) and Luis Arizpe (classical guitar) stand with their TAPPS Division II State Champion musicians.

Band Director Erin Thomas stands with her students who earned a runner-up finish in the TAPPS 4A Band State Competition.

TAPPS Division II State Orchestra/Classical Guitar Superior Ratings:
Eva Beckett – Piano Solo
Cammie Kidd and Pauline Rahal – Viola Duet
Emma Russell and Vivian Biles – Bass and Violin Duet
Eva Beckett and Garrett Fritcher – Violin Duet
Quentin Hartman and Garrett Fritcher – Violin Duet
Pauline Rahal and Presley Pruitt – Viola Trio
MacKenzie FitzGerald, Audrey Davis, Alexa Elizondo – Violin and Viola Trio
Quentin Hartman, Sarah Coultress, Pauline Rahal – Violin and Viola Trio
Amy Ambelang, Nathan Young, Ashton Landis  – Classical Guitar Trio
Ashton Landis, Brooks Fessler, Katherine Lacy – Classical Guitar Trio
Nathan Young – Class 1 Solo
Katherine Lacy – Class 2 Solo

TAPPS 4A State Band Superior results:
Cade Barone – Saxophone Trio
Kellyn Beauchamp – Clarinet Trio, Woodwind Trio
Eva Beckett – Class 1 Piano Solo
Peyton Brehmer – Flute Trio, Flute Choir
Zachary Brunsvold – Low Brass Trio
Will Bower – Clarinet Solo, Two Clarinet Trios
Cleo Bretz – Flute Solo, Flute Trio, Flute Choir
Joel Calderon – Percussion Ensemble
Margaret Carraway – Low Brass Trio
Dawson Cate – Trumpet Solo, Brass Quintet
Kathryn Chisholm – Flute Trio, Flute Choir, Woodwind Trio
Emma De Vries – Trumpet Solo, Brass Quintet
Michael De Vries – Snare Solo, Two Percussion Ensembles
Judah Diller – Percussion Ensemble
Pierce Dutton – Percussion Ensemble
Anson Eggerss – Two Percussion Ensembles
Richard Hicks – Trumpet Trio
Chloe Higgs – Flute Choir
Trevor Higgs – Brass Quintet
Mason Janse – Saxophone Trio
Lily Langenbahn – Clarinet Trio
Joshua Lopez – Percussion Ensemble
Jack McDaniel – Snare Solo, Percussion Ensemble
Sophia Mixon – Flute Choir
Grant Mowery – Trumpet Trio
Joshua Nate – Percussion Ensemble
Jack O’Quinn – Brass Quintet
Connor Schaefer – Brass Quintet
Evan Schaefer – Percussion Solo, Two Percussion Ensembles
Brandon Strickland – Baritone Saxophone Solo, Saxophone Trio
Maggie Swanson – Two Clarinet Trios, Woodwind Trio
Tyler Syring – Percussion Ensemble
Brady Taha – Trumpet Trio
Kevin Vogt – Low Brass Trio
Jackson Young – Percussion Ensemble

TAPPS 4A All-State Recognition:
Eva Beckett – Piano
Will Bower – Clarinet
Emma De Vries – Trumpet
Evan Schaefer – Percussion (Snare Drum)