Seventh Grade Latin; Eighth Grade Latin
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Classics – Baylor University
Family: Husband Royal Brown
Why she is at Geneva: “God is good and led me to this wonderful place. I feel blessed to be able to teach at this amazing, God-filled place.”
Interesting tidbit: Before working at Geneva, Morgan worked at her family’s custom cowboy boot making business called Little’s Boot Company.


Sixth Grade Math
Education: Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Business Administration – Southwest Baptist University
Family: husband Corey and sons Zach (class of 2022), Ethan (class of 2023), Luke (class of 2025) and Noah (class of 2026)
Why she is at Geneva: “After years of homeschooling our boys, my husband and I felt that the Lord was calling us to put the boys in a school. After attending our initial open house at Geneva, we knew that this is where the Lord wanted us to be. After being a part of the Geneva family for a few years, I jumped at the opportunity to join the faculty. I love being with the kids and encouraging them to never give up on math!”
Interesting tidbit:  Jenny loves attending and watching sporting events (especially her boys’ teams and the Arkansas Razorbacks). She also enjoys spending time as a family participating in hiking, rafting, canoeing, and other outdoor activities.

MARY CLIFFORD                                                 

Logic School Dean of Students; Sixth Grade Team Lead; Sixth Grade Language Arts; Sixth Grade Grammar
Education: Bachelor of Arts in English – California State University, Fullerton; graduate work in Education – Chapman University
Family: Husband Jim and sons Jack (Class of 2013) and Trevor (Class of 2016), dog Murphy and cat ZeldaTallulahLunaSkittles
Why she is at Geneva: “I have a calling and a passion for teaching and children. The Lord prepared the way and clearly led me to teach at Geneva.”
Interesting tidbit: Mary is a Francophile and loves stand-up paddle boarding and surfing.


Seventh Grade Language Arts; Seventh Grade Logic
Education: Bachelor of Science in Education – Baylor University
Family: Husband James and children Chloe (Class of 2016), Emma (Class of 2020), Michael (Class of 2021) and Brooke (Class of 2028).
Why she is at Geneva: “As a family, we continue to value the quality of the classical and Christian education our children receive at Geneva. With two of our children attending the school, and a love for teaching students, it is a blessing to be called to serve at this campus.”


6th Grade Latin
Education: Eastern Illinois University Education, University of Illinois M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction, University of Illinois Adv. Cert. Educational Organization and Leadership
Family: Wife Mary, daughters Rebecca and Mallory (better known as Mrs. Rockwell).
Why he is at Geneva: “As an ardent fan of GSB for some time, I thoroughly enjoy its authentic classical Christian mission. GSB is a joyful school!”
Interesting tidbit:  I have worked the past four summers for the San Antonio Missions Baseball Organization.


Sixth Grade Earth Science
Education: Bachelor of Arts Speech Communications – George Mason University & Master of Education –  Texas State University
Family: Laura and her husband Wyatt are blessed with five children.  She is excited to be bringing her two youngest daughters, Raquel (class of 2025) and Jessie (Class of 2030).
Why she is at Geneva: “After teaching in public and private schools for nine years, followed by homeschooling for the last fifteen, I strongly felt God’s prompting to go back into the classroom.  For years I had been drawn to the community of Geneva for its mission of Kingdom building, while providing a rich, classical education.  I am so incredibly grateful for this unique community where I can serve whole-heartedly, while my daughters also receive this purpose filled educational experience.”
Interesting tidbit: Laura traveled to Italy and Holland with the United States Olympic Development’s Youth Soccer team’s first tour abroad in 1988 and was on the Under 16 Olympic Development Soccer National Team in 1987.


Seventh Grade Pre-Algebra
Education: Bachelor of Science in Meteorology – Penn State: Master of Science in Meteorology – Texas A&M University; Master of Arts in Mathematics – University of Houston
Family: Wife Iliana, a cardiologist at Peterson Health in Kerrville. Children: Bella (Class of 2022), Benjamin (Class of 2025) and twins Nicolas and Natalie (Class of 2031)
Why he is at Geneva: “God had laid on my heart about seeking an opportunity at Geneva soon after we moved to Texas. When an opening in Logic appeared, I saw that as an answer to prayer. I relied on Psalm 143:8b, ‘Show me the way I should go, for to you I entrust my life’ and just allowed God to work it out after that if it was His will.”
Interesting Tidbit: Tony once rode a bicycle across the entire state of Missouri. He also helped build two churches in Bolivia. Interesting on the side: His hometown of Dudley, Massachusetts, was founded in 1732. George Washington and the Continental Army camped there during the American Revolution. The town also produced most of the uniforms worn by the Union Army in the Civil War.


Logic School Asst. Dean of Students; Seventh Grade New Testament Survey; Eighth Grade Christianity and Our World
Education: Bachelor of Science in University Studies/Religion – East Texas Baptist University; Master of Divinity – Logsdon Seminary
Family: Wife Alyssa, dog Aspen and cat Samuel
Why he is at Geneva: “God has called me to teach the Bible and Languages to whatever age group I can. God has been faithful in guiding me from youth ministry, to teaching at the graduate level, to now teaching young men and women at Geneva. I am confident that this is where God wants me and could not have asked for a better community than at Geneva!”
Interesting tidbit: Brian plays guitar, collects vintage Marvel comic books, loves sports (especially the Dallas Cowboys)  and the study of languages including Hebrew, Greek and Latin.


Seventh Grade Team Lead; Seventh Grade Life Science; Eighth Grade Conceptual Physics
Education: Bachelor of Science in Molecular and Cellular Biology – University of Illinois; Master of Education in Secondary Education – University of Phoenix
Family: Husband Rodney
Why she is at Geneva: “Looking back, I see the clear path that the Lord laid out for me to arrive at Geneva. Geneva is a wonderful and blessed place to share not only my love for Christ, but my love for science and His creation. I am grateful and excited to be a part of the Geneva family and to see the Lord’s hand at work in our students and community.”
Interesting tidbit: Mallory is an avid fan of Major League Baseball and is on a mission to visit all of the MLB stadiums.


Logic School Math Specialist; Eighth Grade Algebra 1; NJHS Advisor
Education: Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing with International Business Minor – Texas A&M University; Texas Certified Teacher 4-8 Generalist, 8-12 Mathematics
Family: Husband Jeff and children Jack (Class of 2024), Emrey (Class of 2026), Harper (Class of 2030) and Moss
Why she is at Geneva: “I felt a strong ‘nudge’ from God to learn about Geneva. I am so excited to be a part of a community in which I can teach mathematics and at the same time inspire students in their spiritual growth with Christ. The educational goal at Geneva is to make lifetime learners out of its students. I want that for my children and I want to be as close to the action as I can to see it all happen, not only for my children but for my students.”
Interesting tidbit: Leslie has completed two marathons, several triathlons and would love to participate in an Ironman triathlon.


Sixth Grade World History and Geography; Seventh Grade Texas History and Geography
Education: Bachelor of Arts in History – University of Texas at San Antonio; Master of Arts in Biblical Studies – Masters University
Family: Wife Stephanie and children Rachel (Class of 2025), Esther Rose (Class of 2027) and Ruth Ellen (Class of 2031)
Why he is at Geneva: “Good friends convinced me that Geneva was the right place for me to teach.”
Interesting tidbit: Dennis’ parents were Amish.


Eighth Grade Language Arts; Eighth Grade Dialectic; Logic School Magazine Advisor
Education: Bachelor of Arts in English with Minor in Education – Texas Tech University
Family: Husband Curtis and son Wesley (Class of 2015) as well as daughters Jessica (Class of 2017) and Jordan (Class of 2019)
Why she is at Geneva: “I received a clear call from God that not only was it time for me to return to teaching, but that Geneva was exactly where He wanted me.”
Interesting tidbit: Debbie loves road trips, photography and collecting sand from places she goes…or that people bring her from fun places they go! She has a bottle of “Mount Geneva” in her classroom.


Sixth Grade Old Testament Survey; Eighth Grade Civics;  Eighth Grade Team Lead and Trip Coordinator; Student Council Sponsor
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Management – Baylor University; Educational Studies – Texas A&M-Corpus Christi
Family: Husband Buddy and sons Karl and his wife Lindsey, Fisher (Class of 2014) and Chase (Class of 2021), as well as step-son Sean, his wife Cara and three precious grandchildren
Why she is at Geneva: “I had the privilege of being a stay-at-home mom for my boys. When Fisher started at Geneva in sixth grade, I felt God stirring me to do something I didn’t yet fully know. The Lord graciously placed this path before me and I have the privilege of teaching from a Christian worldview at an amazing school.”
Interesting tidbit: Stephanie likes crafty things and loves to read, as evidenced by her long Amazon wish-list.