Spanish 1 & 2
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Religion and Second Major Certificate-Spanish – Duke University; Master of Education – Benedictine University
Family: Husband Mark, daughter Theresa (in Portland, OR) and sons Jonathan (in North Carolina) and Andrew (at Oklahoma Christian University), two “kitty brats” who keep them laughing
Why she is at Geneva: “You know how you are following the Lord, thinking you’re going one way and then He says, ‘Hey, watch THIS!’ I couldn’t be more excited or happy to be at Geneva.”
Interesting tidbits: 1. Emily will work for tea and chocolate. 2. She spent six years studying to become a Spanish teacher only to get hired for her German!  After four years as a German teacher, she returns to her roots with Spanish, Latin and Theology. 3. She is a foreign language “freak” whose one claim to fame is that she can create a Limerick at the drop of a hat. 4. She lived in eight states as an Air Force wife before finally figuring out what she wanted to be when she grew up (a teacher). She’s thrilled to be back in her home state of Texas, just across I-10 from her parents.


Science Department Head; AP Biology; Anatomy and Physiology (Regular and Applied)
Education: Bachelor of Science in Education – University of North Dakota; Bachelor of Arts in Exercise Science/Sports Studies and Management – Bemidji State University; Master of Education in Science Curriculum and Instruction – Concordia University-Portland
Family: Children Drew, Cody (Class of 2011), twins Karlie and Kaila (Class of 2017)
Why she is at Geneva: “Geneva has provided me the opportunity to teach science in a Christ-centered classroom where I can also have students utilize critical thinking skills to investigate the wonders of God’s creation.”
Interesting tidbit: Jill has lived in 18 different homes in five different states.


Ninth Grade Geometry, Tenth Grade Algebra 2
Education: Bachelor of Science in Mathematics – University of Texas at San Antonio; Certificate in Math and Physical Science
Family: Husband Scott and children Braden (Class of 2027), Cole (Class of 2029) and Drew (Class of 2031)
Why she is at Geneva: “I know the Lord has called my family to Geneva. I love teenagers, teaching and math! I’m grateful to teach and disciple students here!”
Interesting tidbit: Catherine loves traveling and going to see new places. She and her husband have also moved 12 times in their first 13 years of marriage.


AP Physics
Education: Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology – University of Texas at Austin; Master of Arts in Biochemistry – University of at Texas-Austin
Family: Wife Patty and daughter Erin
Why he is at Geneva: “I am at Geneva to honor God and my blessed past Principal Larry Martin at O’Connor High School. I pray that I honor Mr. Martin’s memory.”
Interesting tidbit: Pat kayaks and fishes the flats of the Texas coast and is a budding triathlete.


Spanish 3; AP Spanish Language; AP Spanish Literature
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Latin American Studies – Baylor University; Juris Doctorate – University of Arizona Law School
Family: Husband Marco and children Carissa (Class of 2018), Alexa (Class of 2021), Charlie and Nikolas
Why she is at Geneva: “I have been a huge proponent since learning about classical and Christian education. Through God’s orchestration of events, we landed in Boerne in August 2000 and Carissa began attending Geneva in January 2001.”
Interesting tidbit: Debbie was an attorney who enjoyed practicing criminal defense. She is a missionary kid who spent the first nine years of her life in a remote town in Southern Mexico.


Dean of Students; Twelfth Grade Apologetics; Eleventh Grade Historical Theology
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Humanities – University of Texas at San Antonio; Master of Arts in Human Resource Development – Webster University; Master of Arts in Cultural Apologetics – Houston Baptist University
Family: Wife Stephanie and daughters Claire (Class of 2025) and Vivian (Class of 2027)
Why he is at Geneva: “My longtime friend Rob Shelton invited me to come work here after I retired from the Army. I desire to use my knowledge and skills to help mature and shape young minds to become ambassadors and warriors for Christ’s kingdom.”
Interesting tidbit: Curby served 27 years as a Military Intelligence Officer. He enjoys rock tumbling/polishing as well as coin collecting.


Math Department Head; NHS Advisor; Tenth Grade Algebra 2; Eleventh Grade Pre-Calculus
Education: Bachelor of Business and Accounting – Wake Forest University
Family: Husband David and sons Trey (Class of 2011) and wife Bailey and Zach (Class of 2015)
Why she is at Geneva: “We have been at Geneva since its beginning in 1999 and love the joy of seeing God’s faithfulness in such incredible ways! We wouldn’t want to miss a thing!”
Interesting tidbit: Susan is a huge sports fan!


Chaucer House Co-Dean; AP U.S. Government; AP Microeconomics; Basic Economics; Senior Thesis
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Politics, Philosophy and Economics – The King’s College
Family: Wife Madison, parents Terry and Gretchen, sister Rebekah (Class of 2013) and brother Daniel (Class of 2019)
Why he is at Geneva: “I love the culture at Geneva of academic seriousness and non-academic lightheartedness. It’s one of the few schools where a student can lead prayer in the morning, study Latin in the afternoon and star in a play in the evening. That combination creates an amazing academic environment.”
Interesting tidbit: James is a member of the second graduating class at Geneva in 2012 and the first- ever Rhetoric School football team.


Yearbook, Magazine and Photo Team Adviser – Journalism Department; Quill & Scroll Honor Society Sponsor
Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art with a concentration in Graphic Design and minors in Art History, Photography and Advertising – Louisiana State University
Family: Husband Chris and daughters Sophia (Class of 2024), Julia (Class of 2026) and son Connor (Class of 2031)
Why she is at Geneva: “We were led to Geneva after we moved here in 2009. We attended the Greek Assembly Open House and just knew this was something we wanted for our family. It has been such a blessing to be a part of this community!”
Interesting tidbit: Christina attended the oldest Catholic Girls School in the United States—Ursuline Academy in New Orleans. She was a member of the 268th graduating class and was on the court of a Mardi Gras Krewe her junior and senior years of high school.


Sayers House Co-Dean; Ninth Grade Literature; Ninth Grade History; Cinematography
Education: Bachelor of Arts in History – California State University, East Bay; Master of Divinity – Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Family: Wife Alicia and children Ella (Class of 2030) and Zoey (Class of 2032)
Why he is at Geneva: “I love knowledge and learning. Geneva is a place that excels at both of these and places a premium on students loving God with all of their minds. Through much prayer and supplication, God called me to Geneva.”
Interesting tidbit: Shawn is an Eagle Scout.


Ninth Grade Biology; Earth and Space Science
Education: Bachelor of Science in Geology – Texas A&M University-Kingsville
Family: Husband Keith and daughter Brogan
Why she is at Geneva: “I was searching and praying for ways to better serve Christ in my life when God called my husband and me to get up and follow. I love teaching and connecting with my students and showing them the wonders of His creation.”
Interesting tidbit: Christina is a certified scuba diver and has logged dives all around the Caribbean and Hawaii, as deep as 100 feet below the surface. Her goal is to dive her way around all the tropical waters of the world.


Milton House Co-Dean; Eleventh Grade Literature; Eleventh Grade History; Twelfth Grade Dual Credit English; Modern Literature
Education: Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Discourse – California State University, Hayward; Master of Arts in English with a Certificate in Rhetoric and Composition – University of Texas at San Antonio
Family: Wife Erica, son Sven and daughter Natalie
Why he is at Geneva: “I believe that a classical and Christian education is the best foundation for a life of learning and humble service to God. Geneva is committed to graduating students who love God, truth and learning.”
Interesting tidbit: Paul is a classicist in literature, royalist in politics and Anglican in religion.


Ninth Grade Bible Interpretation; AP Computer Science; Basic Computer Science; Head Debate Coach; Senior Thesis
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Classics and Philosophy – Baylor University; Master of Divinity in Education – Truett Theological Seminary
Family: Wife Danielle and son Watson (Class of 2031)
Why he is at Geneva: “It is my life’s calling to disciple young men and women by opening their minds to God’s Word and to the Great Conversation that pervades His Kingdom.”
Interesting tidbit: Scott previously served in church work as an associate pastor and youth minister. He was also a short-term missionary and group leader in Hong Kong and Nicaragua.


AP Chemistry; Tenth Grade Chemistry
Education: Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering – Texas A&M University; Master of Science in Geotechnical Engineering – Texas A&M University
Family: Wife Katerina and daughters Elie and Izzy
Why he is at Geneva: “Simply stated…I feel called. The Lord has given me a lifetime of experiences that I feel He wants me to share with those attending this great school. I feel called to seek the truth and the share it with all I encounter…growing ever closer to God.”
Interesting tidbit: Dodd is a retired Navy Civil Engineer Corps Officer. He has lived in many great places around the world. (Sicily is his favorite.) He met his wife Katerina in the Czech Republic and she didn’t speak English when they met.


Lewis House Co-Dean; Tenth Grade Literature; Tenth Grade History; Tolkien & Lewis
Education: Bachelor of Arts in English – University of Texas at San Antonio
Family: Wife Wendi and daughter Lucy June (Class of 2032)
Why he is at Geneva: “I love teaching and I want to help develop the next generation of Christian cultural leaders.”
Interesting tidbit: Rick was once a roadie for Def Leppard. He plays guitar and likes to read Sindarin by candlelight. He has the third largest Tolkien collection in Texas.


Foreign Language Department Head; AP Latin; Latin 3; Latin 2; Koine Greek
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies – New York University; Master of Theology in Systematic Theology – Dallas Theological Seminary; PhD Medieval Philosophy Marquette University
Family: Wife Perri and daughters Rachel, Esther (Class of 2017) and Hannah
Why he is at Geneva: “Geneva values the study of classical languages.”
Interesting tidbit: John grew up in Italy and Alaska.


Academic Dean; Theology Department Head; Twelfth Grade Literature; Twelfth Grade History
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Theology – Moody Bible Institute; pursuing Master of Theological Studies – Reformed Theological Seminary
Family: Wife Aubrey and six children, including David (Class of 2017), Joshua (Class of 2018) and Abby (Class of 2022)
Why he is at Geneva: “I am at Geneva because I love to teach (especially God’s Word). I love the camaraderie and community that exists among the faculty and school leadership. Also, the larger Geneva community is vibrant and caring. Geneva is a great place to be!”
Interesting tidbit: Dirk is also an ordained pastor.


Rhetoric School Headmaster; Eleventh Grade Worldview Analysis; Senior Thesis
Education: Bachelor of Arts in English – University of Texas at San Antonio; Master of Arts in English – University of Texas at San Antonio; Master of Divinity – Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Family: Wife Kathleen and twin daughters Emily and Erica (Class of 2016)
Why he is at Geneva: “It is a privilege to be a part of guiding students to love the Lord with all their minds.”
Interesting tidbit: Rob is not above being bribed by the gift of a signed C.S. Lewis book.


Senior Thesis Director
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Letters and French – University of Oklahoma; Master of Education in Educational Leadership – Abilene Christian University; Certifications in EC-4, French 8-12 and Principal K-12
Family: Superhero husband Howard and son Jonah (Class of 2032)
Why she is at Geneva: “Geneva seeks to educate the whole person to discern truth, defend what is right and discern his or her individually gifted role in Christ’s kingdom. It is this incredible mission that God used to call me to Geneva, where I am profoundly grateful to serve among such an authentic, Christ-centered community of believers.”
Interesting tidbit: Hillary is a member of the Mama Bear Apologetics ministry and a contributing author to the book Mama Bear Apologetics: Empowering Your Kids to Challenge Cultural Lies. She went through the Geneva thesis process herself and presented with the class of 2019.


AP Calculus; AP Statistics; Tenth Grade Philosophy of Religion and Ethics
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology with minor in Mathematics – University of Texas at Austin; Master of Arts in Philosophy of Religion and Ethics – Biola University; PhD Philosophy – University of Oklahoma
Family: Spouse of Hillary Short (fellow Geneva teacher extraordinaire), fortunate “Papa” to our sweet son Jonah (Class of 2032), “Guardian” of Midnight and Cotton (our two cats)
Why he is at Geneva: “They hired me…and it is a privilege to work in an environment in which I can assist young minds in becoming effective ambassadors for Christ (2 Corinthians 5:20; 10:5; 2 Peter 3:15).”
Interesting tidbit: Howard is difficult to reach in the fall because there is college football.


Humanities Department Head; Ninth Grade Classical Rhetoric I; Tenth Grade Classical Rhetoric II; Cultural Analysis and Current Events; Creative Writing; Senior Thesis
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Religion– Liberty University; Master of Liberal Studies – Rice University
Family: Wife, Kristi; sons: Dylan (Class of 2021) and Noah
Why he is at Geneva: Geneva is a very special place to me. I am doubly blessed to be hired to teach here again.
Interesting tidbit: I was Mr. Rob Shelton’s first hire in 2007 when the Rhetoric School was just starting up, and I got to be the first humanities teacher in the Rhetoric School.