Spanish Instructor
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Religion and Second Major Certificate-Spanish – Duke University; Master of Education – Benedictine University
Family: Husband Mark, daughter Theresa (in Portland, OR) and sons Jonathan (in North Carolina) and Andrew (at Oklahoma Christian University), two “kitty brats” who keep them laughing
Why she is at Geneva: “You know how you are following the Lord, thinking you’re going one way and then He says, ‘Hey, watch THIS!’ I couldn’t be more excited or happy to be at Geneva.”
Interesting tidbits: 1. Emily will work for tea and chocolate. 2. She spent six years studying to become a Spanish teacher only to get hired for her German! After four years as a German teacher, she returns to her roots with Spanish, Latin and Theology. 3. She is a foreign language “freak” whose one claim to fame is that she can create a limerick at the drop of a hat. 4. She lived in eight states as an Air Force wife before finally figuring out what she wanted to be when she grew up (a teacher). She’s thrilled to be back in her home state of Texas, just across I-10 from her parents.


Science Instructor
Education: B.A. in Biology – Austin College
Family: Married to Kelli since March 13, 1999 and has one son named Will
Why he is at Geneva: It is truly a God thing. Ray retired from the Texas public school system at the end of the 2021 school year and was going to look for a laid back, no pressure job. A colleague of mine at BHS encouraged me to apply for a position at GSB. God placed it on my heart to apply and I am so glad I listened! I feel truly blessed to be here and exceedingly excited to work in an organization that places God first in all endeavors.
Interesting tidbit: Ray played soccer in college.


Bible Department Head, Bible and Composition Instructor, Debate Coach, Sayers Co-Dean
Education: Ph.D. in Biblical Studies – University of St. Andrew); MLitt in Scripture and Theology – University of St Andrews; M.A. in Biblical Exegesis – Wheaton College and in Global Leadership – Dallas Baptist University; B.A. in Christian Studies – Dallas Baptist University
Family: Wife Bethany and daughter Grace


Science Department Head; Science Instructor
Education: Bachelor of Science in Education – University of North Dakota; Bachelor of Arts in Exercise Science/Sports Studies and Management – Bemidji State University; Master of Education in Science Curriculum and Instruction – Concordia University-Portland
Family: Children Drew, Cody (Class of 2011), twins Karlie and Kaila (Class of 2017)
Why she is at Geneva: “Geneva has provided me the opportunity to teach science in a Christ-centered classroom where I can also have students utilize critical thinking skills to investigate the wonders of God’s creation.”
Interesting tidbit: Jill has lived in 18 different homes in five different states.


Mathematics Instructor and Rhetoric Office Coordinator
Education: Bachelor of Science in Mathematics – University of Texas at San Antonio
Family: Husband Scott and children Braden (Class of 2027), Cole (Class of 2029), Drew (Class of 2031) and Emma
Why she is at Geneva: “I know the Lord has called my family to Geneva. I love teenagers, teaching and math! I’m grateful to teach and disciple students here!”
Interesting tidbit: Catherine loves traveling and going to see new places. She and her husband have also moved 12 times in their first 13 years of marriage.


Spanish and AP Government Instructor, Milton Co-Dean
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Latin American Studies – University of Arizona; Juris Doctorate – University of Arizona Law School
Family: Husband Marco and children Carissa (Class of 2018), Alexa (Class of 2021), Charlie and Nikolas
Why she is at Geneva: “I have been a huge proponent since learning about classical and Christian education. Through God’s orchestration of events, we landed in Boerne in August 2005 and Carissa began attending Geneva in January 2006.”
Interesting tidbit: Debbie was an attorney who enjoyed practicing criminal defense. She is a missionary kid who spent the first nine years of her life in a remote town in Southern Mexico.


Mathematics Department Head, NHS Advisor and Mathematics Instructor
Education: Bachelor of Business and Accounting – Wake Forest University
Family: Husband David and sons Trey (Class of 2011) and wife Bailey and Zach (Class of 2015)
Why she is at Geneva: “We have been at Geneva since its beginning in 1999 and love the joy of seeing God’s faithfulness in such incredible ways! We wouldn’t want to miss a thing!”
Interesting tidbit: Susan is a huge sports fan!


Humanities Department Head, Humanities, Composition and AP Art History Instructor
Education: Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Discourse – California State University, Hayward; Master of Arts in English with a Certificate in Rhetoric and Composition – University of Texas at San Antonio
Family: Wife Erica, son Sven and daughter Natalie
Why he is at Geneva: “I believe that a classical and Christian education is the best foundation for a life of learning and humble service to God. Geneva is committed to graduating students who love God, truth and learning.”
Interesting tidbit: Paul is a classicist in literature, royalist in politics and Anglican in religion.


Humanities Instructor
Education: Bachelor of Arts in History and Classics, with a minor in Music — Hope College; Mater of Arts in Apologetics, with an emphasis in Cultural Apologetics — Houston Baptist University
Family: Parents Louis and Donna, sister Anastasia
Why he is at Geneva: I love classical Christian education and count it a joy and a privilege to pass on this kind of education to my students. God, in His perfect timing, led me to this amazing school, where I am blessed to be a part of a community of lifelong learners.
Interesting tidbit: Alex has played the trumpet since he was in third grade. He once played in a Mariachi band in high school.


Mathematics Instructor
Education: Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science- University of Mar Hardin- Baylor; Master of Science in Applied Industrial Mathematics – University of Texas at San Antonio
Family: Husband Michael, Dog Minnie, Cats Sandy and Nova
Why she is at Geneva: I grew up in Classical education and loved the idea of teaching at a similar school. I finished my master’s degree last Fall and God opened the doors for me to teach here. I have loved working with students in math since I was in high school and now I get to teach the subject I love in the environment I love.
Interesting tidbit: I have traveled to 11 countries, 5 of them for mathematics related adventures, 5 for history, and 1 for fun. I love learning about and seeing different cultures.


Mathematics Instructor
Education: Bachelor of Science in Mathematics – University of Texas at Austin; Master of Science in Statistics – Texas A&M University
Family: Wife Julie, Daughter Anna (Class of 2030), Son Samuel (Class of 2028), Dog Belle, and Cat Snowbie
Why he is at Geneva: Divine intervention! When the AP Calculus position suddenly opened up, I was happy to fill the role!
Interesting tidbit: I once played drums in a Beatles cover band.


Science Instructor
Education: Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering – Texas A&M University; Master of Science in Geotechnical Engineering – Texas A&M University
Family: Wife Katerina and daughters Elie, Izzy and Marie
Why he is at Geneva: “Simply stated…I feel called. The Lord has given me a lifetime of experiences that I feel He wants me to share with those attending this great school. I feel called to seek the truth and the share it with all I encounter…growing ever closer to God.”
Interesting tidbit: Dodd is a retired Navy Civil Engineer Corps Officer. He has lived in many great places around the world. (Sicily is his favorite.) He met his wife Katerina in the Czech Republic and she didn’t speak English when they met.


Computer Science and Mathematics Instructor
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology – Purdue University
Family: Wife Kelly and children Arianna, Xochy, Adam, Lance, Lily, Edward and Peter
Why he is at Geneva: The academics are outstanding, the community is amazing, and everything is infused with a biblical worldview.
Interesting tidbit: I learned to program in my downtime while a firefighter/paramedic for the city of Houston.


Bible Instructor, TAPPS Academic Coordinator and Milton House Co-Dean
Education: Bachelor of Science in University Studies/Religion – East Texas Baptist University; Master of Divinity – Logsdon Seminary
Family: Wife Alyssa, dog Aspen and cat Samuel
Why he is at Geneva: “God has called me to teach the Bible and Languages to whatever age group I can. God has been faithful in guiding me from youth ministry, to teaching at the graduate level, to now teaching young men and women at Geneva. I am confident that this is where God wants me and could not have asked for a better community than at Geneva!”
Interesting tidbit: Brian plays guitar, collects vintage Marvel comic books, loves sports (especially the Dallas Cowboys)  and the study of languages including Hebrew, Greek and Latin.


Humanities Instructor
Education: Bachelor of Arts in American History and Church-State Studies – Baylor University
Family: Humbly grateful to be married to beautiful bride Sylvia since 2003; with two sons: Nathan (Class of 2027) and Luke (Class of 2031)
Why he is at Geneva: “I felt God calling to teach at Geneva in 2019, and I love it here! It is a great privilege to engage students in a Classical education from a Biblical worldview, and every year I teach I believe more and more that God is using this special place to help shape strong, godly leaders of great character who will impact our world!”
Interesting tidbit: “I enjoy playing acoustic guitar and most all sports, and love experiencing God’s creation while hiking, mountain biking, Spartan racing, and climbing a 14-er or two every summer in Colorado.”


Humanities Instructor, Lewis House Co-Dean and Theatre Coordinator
Education: Bachelor of Arts in English – University of Texas at San Antonio
Family: Wife Wendi and daughter Lucy June (Class of 2032)
Why he is at Geneva: “I love teaching and I want to help develop the next generation of Christian cultural leaders.”
Interesting tidbit: Rick was once a roadie for Def Leppard. He plays guitar and likes to read Sindarin by candlelight. He has the third largest Tolkien collection in Texas.


Journalism Instructor – The Boardwalk and Geneva Quarterly Adviser
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Communications with a minor in Business Administration – Baylor University
Family: Husband Andy Rawls, mama to: June, Johnny and Judson
Why she is at Geneva: “I have admired Geneva since its founding in 1999. There are few things in life I could hope for more than the opportunity to be able to send my children to this fantastic school. When I am on Geneva’s campus, I feel immense amounts of peace and joy and can’t imagine a better place to spend my days than here!”
Interesting tidbit: I can type over 100WPM. It is one of my few skills!


Foreign Language Department Head and Latin Instructor
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies – New York University; Master of Theology in Systematic Theology – Dallas Theological Seminary; PhD Medieval Philosophy Marquette University
Family: Wife Perri and daughters Rachel, Esther (Class of 2017) and Hannah
Why he is at Geneva: “Geneva values the study of classical languages.”
Interesting tidbit: John grew up in Italy and Alaska.


Senior Thesis Director
Education: Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in Spanish – University of Texas at Austin; Master of Arts in Early Childhood and Elementary Education – University of Texas at San Antonio; Ph.D. in interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching – University of Texas at San Antonio
Family: Husband Gilberto and children Nicolas (Class of 2022), Samuel (Class of 2025) and Christopher (Class of 2028)
Why she is at Geneva: “We feel so blessed as a family to be part of this wonderful community. It is a privilege to share my passion for education in an environment that fosters high quality education within a biblical worldview.”
Interesting tidbit: Melissa was a Peace Corps volunteer in Ecuador and she loves to travel.


Assistant to the Head of School/Advancement Assistant, Cinematography Instructor
Education: Bachelor of Science in Education with a specialization in History – Texas Tech University; Teaching Certification (grades 1-8)
Family: Son Cade (Class of 2021)
Why she is at Geneva: “I love the community of Geneva and the graciousness of all the teachers and administrators. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching my son thrive in such an amazing environment and I am excited to be a part of it.”


Senior Thesis Instructor, Dean of Student Culture
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Communication – Texas A&M University (2018)
Family: Wife Sania and daughter Alia (born September 2, 2021)
Why he is at Geneva: “Before coming to Geneva, I had spent several years working with a public high school ministry. I spent a majority of my time frustrated that I was stuck on the outside looking in, and when I got inside, that our conversations and opportunities with students were scrutinized and limited. In comparison, the fact that Geneva holds students to a high academic standard, while encouraging teachers to intertwine meaningful discussions on faith, culture, history and art, was a change I was incredibly excited about.”
Interesting tidbit: Logan is a former graduate from Geneva (class of 2014) and wants to be Tim Duncan when he grows up.