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All Geneva Rhetoric School students attended the Honor Code Assembly recently in which Headmaster Dirk Russell outlined the school’s Honor Code and pledge.

Each high school student is required to sign this code and is challenged to live by it while at Geneva, with the hope that it will instill a personal code of lifelong integrity and honor. The signed Honor Code is displayed in the administrative office for all to see and remember their commitment and pledge.

The Honor Code reads, “Out of the threefold desire to honor God, respect my school, and value my classmates, I pledge, as a student at the Geneva School of Boerne, to strive to do my best in all things. As a student leader, I promise to abide by all school policies. I will not lie, steal, or cheat, nor tolerate these behaviors by my classmates. In confirmation of my pledge to you and my accountability before the Lord Jesus Christ, I profess that in all of my schoolwork, my name affirms my honor; in all of my dealings, my word is my bond.”

The following students were elected by the peers in their grades and unanimously approved by the faculty for the weighty privilege of serving on this year’s Honor Council. The purpose of the Honor Council is to preserve the integrity of the Honor Code at Geneva School of Boerne.

The new Honor Council members for this school year are freshman Reid Wilson; sophomore Will Crews; juniors Suzi Nilsson and Jake Plesko; and seniors Mia Wilson, Gage Secor (pictured above) and Hailey Hubenak.