Austin Malkowski was named the 2023 G.K. Chesterton Award Winner for the best overall Senior Thesis.


The Senior Thesis is the capstone to a Geneva education. The program begins with students researching issues around a controversial topic. They then write a formal academic paper to focus on crafting strong arguments and finally shift that content into an engaging and persuasive presentation that is delivered in May of each year. Being able to think critically, and conversely defend their own thoughts, is an end result that is fiercely pursued for classically trained graduates from our school as they are equipped to do hard things to the glory of Jesus Christ.

The first part of the thesis presentation is an eloquent 20-minute speech delivered from memory. The speech is delivered before panelists, schoolmates, parents, faculty members and guests. Upon completion of the oral presentation, the invited panelists, alongside a faculty member, question the student on points that have been raised. This is an opportunity for the student to demonstrate their depth of knowledge while also fleshing out practical applications.



The G.K. Chesterton Award is given each year to the Outstanding Senior Thesis Presenter. Students are eligible for consideration for the award based on the research, written work and presentation. This does not necessarily mean that students under consideration have the top grades in the thesis class. Rather, they are nominated for this honor if they show an outstanding depth of analysis combined with the ability to present their thoughts in a winsome and persuasive manner. Whether they are G.K. Chesterton nominees or not, all seniors deserve our admiration for tackling one of the most difficult and challenging tasks within academics.