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Geneva School of Boerne is continually seeking ways to actively involve the parents, siblings, and grandparents of students in the programs and activities of the school.

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Flowers and Stories

Next Thursday, we will hold our annual Flowering of the Cross assemblies.

Logic and Rhetoric School students, faculty and parents are invited to the Lyceum between 8:00 and 8:30 a.m. where one of the crosses will be on display. They are invited to bring a cut flower to place on the wooden cross and spend a few minutes in prayer and reflection. At 8:30 a.m., our Grammar School students will arrive in the MPB where they too will place a cut flower on a cross following a few minutes of instruction and prayer. Parents are welcome to join us and will be invited at the end of the student procession to place a flower on the cross as well.

Following the assemblies, students will head to their classes and parents will be invited to a special Geneva Community Life gathering in the Lyceum. The gathering, titled “Great Things He Hath Done”, will be an opportunity for fellowship as well as thanksgiving as we hear a panel of parents speak on the great things God has done in and through the Geneva community.

As parents are enjoying these rich stories, our students will also be enjoying stories in their classes as they study history and literature. Stories, properly presented, reflect the reality of our world – good and evil are in conflict. They support the Christian worldview when they portray good as the ultimate victor. Such victory only comes after struggle; evil is not easily defeated. When presented well, parents and children walk away from these stories with their backbones strengthened and emboldened to support the cause of good. Such is the power of story.

When we become followers of Jesus Christ, we die with Him and are raised into a new and eternal life. We become God’s beloved children. This is the starting point for the transformation known as sanctification. In Systematic Theology, Wayne Grudem defines sanctification as “a progressive work of God and man that makes us more and more free from sin and like Christ in our actual lives.” The work is one of cooperation with the Holy Spirit in which we seek after holiness (the good) and reject immorality (the evil). This is a work that all believers must partake of each day, knowing that short of heaven we will not achieve perfection. The struggle will be with us throughout our lives but ultimate victory is assured.

As parents, we can assist God’s Spirit in the sanctification of our children by living with hope, love and forgiveness as we strive, however imperfectly, after holiness. When holiness is presented unappealingly (through such actions as the scowl and the wagging finger or such attitudes as self-righteousness), we do our children a disservice. Evil is not easily defeated. But when fought with the beauty of holiness and the goodness of good, it cannot stand.

During the Flowering of the Cross assemblies, an ugly instrument of death is transformed into a beautiful object, overflowing with life. The symbolism is obvious – through the work of Jesus Christ, our lives are changed from death to life, from evil to good, from immorality to holiness. After a few days, the flowers lose their beauty as they wither and fade. This too is a reminder that daily renewal through the Holy Spirit is needed. Such renewal is nourished through the faithful gathering of the saints, the preaching of God’s word and the blessing of the sacraments. May this weekend and next be blessed as your worship the God of the universe at church, giving thanks for the salvation we have through His Son.

Brad Ryden

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