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Geneva School of Boerne is continually seeking ways to actively involve the parents, siblings, and grandparents of students in the programs and activities of the school.

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Mission Drift

School leadership (the Board and Admin Team) is reading and discussing the excellent book Mission Drift.   The book speaks directly to Gospel-ceMissionStatementntered organizations. These organizations face persistent tugs to move away from their founding purposes.   Geneva School of Boerne is such an organization.

As articulated in our “Statement of Purpose and Identity,” Geneva was established in order to:

  • “provide a classical and Christian education” and “educate with excellence”;
  • train students “in diligence and perseverance” and “an appreciation of the value of hard work and self-discipline”;
  • bond together “a dedication to God’s truth and a rich, vibrant atmosphere of outstanding academic achievement”.

These founding purposes were established in light of the belief that “Geneva exists and will continue solely by the grace and mercy of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.”

Conversations within the school leadership about mission drift have proven rich and meaningful.   We recognize there are many temptations throughout each day and week to untether this school from its mission.   We are seeking means to ensure that Geneva School stays true to its founding purposes.

We know that one way we can help Geneva School stay true to its mission is by taking great care with the selection of people we welcome into this community through hiring, leadership selection and admissions. Next Friday, we begin the admissions process for next year with our first Open House.   We welcome your prayers for our admissions committee as well as your making mission-supportive neighbors and friends aware of the Open Houses (dates can be found HERE).

Organizations drift. It is inevitable. The challenge is to correct the drift and return to home base even while undergoing changes (such as growth) and strong cultural currents. The conclusion here is the conclusion to the “Statement of Purpose and Identity”:

We pray that God and future generations will preserve our school as an institution dedicated both to Him and to outstanding classical education. It is our desire that Geneva will open doors to excellence and brilliance; that it will sharpen our students’ minds and push them to their greatest potential. Ultimately, it is our prayer and sincere desire that Geneva will produce dedicated and diligent men and women that are captured by the Holy Spirit and used by God for extraordinary purposes.

Brad Ryden

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