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The Triumph of Truth

“Let her [Truth] and Falsehood grapple;who ever knew Truth put to the worse, in a free and open encounter?”

John Milton (namesake for one of our Rhetoric School Houses) made this statement in Areopagitica, his argument for freedom of the press.  Today, we hear a similar sentiment expressed in the often repeated notion that truth will rise to the top when debated in the marketplace of ideas.  I also hear it expressed by parents who tell me that they pray that “truth will come out” when their child is caught in a sin.  Each of these statements is predicated on belief that truth, when challenged by falsehood, will win in the end.

Invariably, teachers (working temporarily in place of parents) find themselves in situations in which truth and falsehood grapple.  On such occasions, we hope that through a free and open encounter, truth will be victorious.  We have faith that truth will be victorious just as we have faith that God, the “Author of Truth”, will be victorious.  In order to bring about a free and open encounter, we seek God’s Spirit to clarify and convict as needed.  When truth is victorious, God is glorified and we are blessed.

Geneva School joins other organizations founded on the Gospel of Jesus Christ in fighting for truth.  We are in a battle.  We fight an enemy that does not want a free and open encounter with truth.  Instead, the enemy of truth seeks to create a playing field in which encounters are stacked against truth by calling the very existence of truth into question, appealing to emotions and poorly trained minds, or tempting base self-interest above benevolence.

Geneva School fights for truth through the women and men we send forth.  We pray that through curricula such as logic and rhetoric as well as debate and Senior Thesis, our graduates will be prepared to take the fight for truth, founded on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, wherever God may take them.

Further Thoughts

Parent-Teacher Conferences are planned for this coming Monday and they can be a great time to discover truth regarding your child.  In The Educated Child, Bill Bennett and others have suggestions regarding such conferences:

The parent-teacher conference is your chance to check up on your child’s progress, find out the teacher’s expectations, make sure you share the same goals, and let her know what’s going on at home.  Time will be limited, so think about what you want to say and ask ahead of time.

Possible questions to ask include:  How is my child progressing?  What are her best subjects?  Her worst ones?  Does my child work hard at school?  Should I be doing anything to improve her work habits? How is her behavior?  Does she pay attention?  Does she get along with her classmates? Is she on time for class?  Does she participate in discussions and activities?  Does she work well independently?  Is she having any particular problems during the school day that I should know about?  How much homework should I expect to see my child do every night?  Is she doing her homework well?  Is she turning in on time?  How should we communicate between conferences?  What else should I be doing at home to help my child get a good education?

 Brad Ryden

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