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A Letter to a Daughter

A few years ago, I came across a letter a dad wrote to his daughter as she was graduating from a Christian high school.  As we might say today, the letter went viral.  I share it in belief that it will be as much of a blessing to you as it is to me. The entire text of the letter may be found at this link:  A Letter to My Daughter.

Glenn Oeland is a professional writer and editor living in the Washington, D.C. area.  His daughter Katie graduated in May, 2012 from a Christian school she attended throughout her primary and secondary education.  Mr. Oeland begins the letter by congratulating his daughter on her great accomplishment and then reminds her of the sweet memories they share from her years in the school.  He tells her the primary reason why he and his wife decided to enroll Katie in a Christian school:

Most importantly, perhaps, we wanted you to learn the truth about you: that you are not the unplanned product of a purposeless universe, the random offspring of time, chance, and biochemistry. You are instead the masterwork of the majestic Creator, the Divine Artist whose mind and imagination infuses the cosmos with meaning, order, and beauty. As an image bearer of this infinite, personal God, you have intrinsic and incalculable worth, regardless of your GPA, your earning power, or your place in the social pecking order.

In addition to the incredible worth she has as an image bearer of the “majestic Creator,” he reminds her of the love the Creator has for her as evidenced in the salvation she enjoys through Jesus Christ, God’s Son.  Now that she has graduated from high school, she is ready to face the challenges to her faith that often occurs in college.  She is heading into battle with the “essential training and equipment.”  Mr. Oeland continues:

I’m aware that Christian school hasn’t always been a church picnic, and there have been times when you’ve missed some of the perks of public school. And we’ve all felt the financial pinch—squeeze might be the better term—of paying private school tuition. The trip to Disney we never made, the pets we couldn’t afford, the bigger house, the newer car—I hope you’ll remember these as good things we gave up to gain something much better.

And if, in God’s good providence, you eventually marry and become a mother, please remember this as well: All education is religious education. Place a child in an environment where God is never mentioned, and what will she conclude? Either God isn’t real, or he’s irrelevant. Either way, the conclusion is that he can safely be ignored.

He reminds Katie that her education is important not only to her and her future family but to society as a whole:

And I can’t help but note in passing that the good accrues not only to Christian school graduates, their families, and their churches, but also to society at large. As you learned when you studied our country’s history, democracy depends on the cultivation of virtuous citizens. Christian schools are making an important contribution to that cause.

Finally, I’ll remind you that to whom much is given, much is expected. Jesus calls us to be salt and light, preventing moral decay and dispelling the darkness in the world.

These words rang true in 2012 and certainly still do today.  May God use our efforts to prepare a generation of students who will fight moral decay and drive away ever increasing darkness.

Brad Ryden

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