Geneva’s arts classes are designed to further the school’s mission of providing students with a classical education from a biblical worldview.

Our Grammar School (K-5) students learn the grammar of music – rhythm, pitch, harmony, tempo, form, and texture through movement, song, percussion instruments, and games.  Grammar students learn the basics of reading musical notation as they learn to play the recorder.  They also learn a traditional hymn of the Christian faith each month.

Grammar School students also learn the basic grammar of the visual arts.  They learn to recognize, define and use the elements of art and the principles of design. Students engage with a variety of media from the simple pencil and paper to the brush and painted canvas. And, our Grammar students learn to recognize, distinguish and appreciate art and influences of differing cultures and historical periods.

In the Logic and Rhetoric Schools, students choose from a selection of classes in the arts- visual art, band, choir, orchestra, drama and guitar with plans to expand our offerings as the school grows. Arts related events such as concerts, assemblies and drama productions are held throughout the year to showcase the talents and accomplishments of our students.